Seat Belt Laws in Wisconsin

Wisconsin seat belt laws require all drivers and passengers over the age of four to wear seat belts, no matter their age or location in the vehicle.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
seat belt laws mandate that the driver and all passengers over the age of four must wear a seat belt. Kids should use age-appropriate child restraint systems.
Studies show that people are far more likely to be injured or die in a car crash if they are not wearing a seat belt. You can be pulled over and ticketed for breaking this law. Drivers are responsible for—and can be ticketed for violations by—passengers younger than 16.

What are the seat belt laws in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin seat belt law says that drivers and all passengers older than four years old must wear a seat belt. Children should use federally-approved restraint systems. In Wisconsin, drivers are held responsible for passengers under the age of 16.
Key Takeaway Everyone over the age of four is legally required to wear a seat belt in Wisconsin, and younger children must use appropriate child restraint systems. Drivers must ensure that people under 16 follow the law.

What happens if you break the seat belt laws in Wisconsin?

The penalty for breaking the seat belt laws in Wisconsin is a $10 fine. The driver must pay the fine if the person who broke the seat belt law was under the age of 16. Drivers and passengers 16 and older will be ticketed for their own offenses.
It’s considered a nonmoving violation to break the seat belt law in Wisconsin. This means you won’t get any points added to your
driving record
. But it is a primary offense—so the driver can be pulled over and ticketed if an officer spots a violation.
Key Takeaway You could face a $10 fine if you or a passenger under 16 in your vehicle break the seat belt law.

Could it impact my driving record?

Possibly. Wisconsin won’t add any
driver's license points
to your record for breaking the seat belt law, so insurance companies are unlikely to bump up your premium based on breaking the seat belt law once.
But violations do get added to your driver abstract. If you break this law more than once, it will definitely cause your insurance company to take a second look. They could bump up your rate if they think you look like a risky driver.

Could it impact my insurance?

It’s unlikely: Wisconsin law does not add points to your record for breaking a seat belt law.
That said, insurance companies pay close attention to multiple violations, which could be a clue that you are turning into a risky driver.
On the other hand, not paying your fines could lead to a problem with your credit, which could also be cause for concern. Either situation could increase your premium. Be sure to pay your fees promptly!
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