How to Get a Progressive Good Student Discount

To get the good student discount with Progressive, you have to be under 23 and have a B average.
Written by Brittni Brinn
Reviewed by Hillary Kobayashi
offers a good student discount for full-time students under 23 years old who maintain a B average or higher. Depending on which state you live in, you can save around 10% on your
car insurance
with this discount.
It’s no secret that drivers under 25 end up paying some of the highest insurance rates on average. Even if you’re a safe driver with a clean record, high premiums are unfortunately the name of the game for younger drivers. However, with a high enough grade average, you could be eligible for a student discount! We’ll go over who qualifies for this discount and how to get it.

How to get Progressive’s good student discount

Getting good grades now has an added perk—with a high enough grade average, you could save around 10% on your car insurance premiums! Progressive’s take on this discount has a few conditions, so make sure you take a look to see if you’re eligible.

How to qualify

Want to qualify for Progressive’s good student discount? You’ll need the following:
  • ID that shows you are under 23 years old 
  • A B average or higher
  • Proof of full-time enrollment
Also, you can only qualify for this discount if you’re on someone else’s insurance plan, such as a parent or guardian.

How long does Progressive’s good student discount last?

The good student discount through Progressive will no longer apply if you are over 23, if your grade average falls below B, or if you are no longer on your parent’s or guardian’s insurance policy.
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Why do auto insurers offer good student discounts?

So what do good grades have to do with driving anyway? It might seem out of the blue or even unfair that students who do well at school get a break on their premiums. But insurance companies like Progressive have their reasoning.
It comes down to one word: responsibility. Providers are looking for drivers who are low risk and will take responsibility for whatever happens on the road. 
Maybe it’s an unfair comparison, but insurance companies equate the ability to earn good grades with a willingness to meet deadlines, follow rules, and stay calm under pressure—in other words, a driver who isn’t risky to insure.
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The best Progressive car insurance discounts for students

The Progressive good student discount provides an average of 10% savings on your insurance, but the state you live in, your driving record, and more can affect how much you’ll actually save with this discount. 
And there’s also good news for younger drivers who aren’t eligible for the good student discount. Here are a couple of other
auto insurance discounts
for students to ask about. 

Distant student discount

Going to school out of town? You’ll qualify for the
distant student discount
  • You’re 22 years old or younger
  • Your school is 100 miles or more from your home
  • You don't have a car at school
Again, this discount is only applicable to students who are still on their family’s insurance plan. It’s a great way for your family to save on coverage if you only drive the car when you’re home during the holidays or school breaks.

Teen driver discount

Teens pay some of the highest rates for insurance due to the risk that an inexperienced driver poses. If you have a teen driver (18 years old or younger) on your policy and you’ve been insured for at least 12 months, you can get a bit of a break on your insurance. 

Usage-based discounts

If you’re an excellent driver or someone who doesn’t drive very often, you may want to sign up for Progressive’s Snapshot program. You’ll get personalized rates based on how safely you drive—your driving behaviors are monitored through a mobile app or device that plugs into your car. 
Safe drivers can save an average of $146 a year on insurance!


Save around 4% on your insurance by adding your teen’s car to the family plan. However, the car has to have the same home address as the policyholder, so this isn’t the best discount for students who don’t live and drive at home.
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