Is My License Suspended?

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You can check if your license is suspended by contacting the DMV, calling your insurance provider, or checking for your notice of suspension in the mail.
Your driver’s license might be suspended if you broke a driving-related law, such as driving under the influence, or if you are in violation of a non-driving related law, such as letting your car insurance lapse.
There are various reasons why your license could be suspended—and some reasons may be easy to miss. You might be driving with a suspended license and not even know it.
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Here’s how to check if your license is suspended—and how to avoid a license suspension in the first place.
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How to check if your license is suspended

If you’re worried that your license is suspended, there are a few ways to check:
  • Check your mailbox. This is the #1 spot where a license suspension notice may be. Of course, your notice might not be in your current mailbox if the address you have filed with the DMV is out-of-date.
  • Check with the DMV. You can request a copy of your driving record from the DMV, which will indicate any license suspension(s).
  • Call your insurance provider. Your provider will likely have access to your driving record (after all, it impacts your insurance rates), so they’ll probably be able to tell you if your license is suspended and why. They will also know if your insurance has lapsed—which can itself be cause for a suspended license.

Reasons why your license could be suspended

The reasons for license suspensions generally fall into two categories: driving-related and non-driving-related.
This means that you might be looking at a license suspension for something like not having insurance or not paying a ticket on time. Non-driving-related reasons are the ones you’ll need to look out for to make sure you aren’t accidentally driving with a suspended license.

Most common reasons for your license being suspended:

Other reasons for your license being suspended:

  • Failure to maintain proper car insurance
  • Failure to pay a motor vehicle fee, surcharge, or fine
  • Failure to appear in court for a parking ticket or moving violation
  • Accumulation of violations or points
  • Truancy (for minors)
  • A lapse in car insurance
  • Missing a points accumulation notice
  • Missing a court date or fine
  • Failure to comply with a child support order

Could my license be suspended without me knowing it?

The unnerving reality is—yes, you could find yourself with a suspended license—and not even know about it.
For example, if you send in an insurance check that doesn’t get processed (for whatever reason), you might unintentionally become an uninsured driver, which could mean a license suspension.
If you move and fail to notify the DMV of your address change, you could get a driving ticket sent to an old address. If that ticket goes unpaid, your license could be suspended.
Although a state will usually send you a mailed notice of a license suspension, if you don’t keep your address information up-to-date, you could miss a notice and find yourself driving with a suspended license.
Key Takeaway You might not know that your license is suspended if your mailing address is not up-to-date. Make sure to always update your address information with the DMV and other state entities.
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What to do if your license is suspended

There are a few things you may have to do in order to get your license reinstated:
  • Go to traffic school
  • Pay all your fines/fees
  • File an SR-22 with your insurance policy
  • Get car insurance
  • Follow any additional state-mandated processes for reinstating your license
Key Takeaway If your license has been suspended, make sure that you pay all your fines/fees and have adequate car insurance coverage. Double-check to see if there are any additional steps you need to take to have your license reinstated.

Make sure you have adequate car insurance coverage

If your car insurance coverage doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for insurance in your state, you need to fix that problem immediately. In fact, your car insurance coverage might even be the cause of your license suspension, or it might cause a future suspension.
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How do you find out if your license is suspended in Texas?

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) will mail you an enforcement notification if your license is suspended. If the address you have on file with the DPS is out of date, you will likely miss your mailed enforcement notification, but your license will still be suspended.
For this reason, it’s important to always keep your mailing address updated.

How can I tell if my license is suspended in Pennsylvania?

If your license is suspended in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT) will mail you a suspension notice. If your address is out-of-date, your license will still be suspended—even if you never personally received the suspension notice.
Always keep your mailing address up-to-date, and stay informed about all the things you can do to avoid a license suspension.
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