Does Insurance Cover Hitting A Deer?

If you have comprehensive insurance, your policy will generally cover hitting a deer. Having the right coverage ahead of time can save you money.
Written by Jaclyn Victor
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
comprehensive coverage
will likely protect you in the event of a deer collision.
It is important to have a
car insurance
policy that includes comprehensive coverage, as a deer can come out of nowhere and cause a lot of damage to your vehicle if you’re unlucky enough to hit one. Comprehensive coverage should pay for the necessary repairs after you pay your
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and comparison shopping app
has put together everything you need to know about comprehensive insurance and protecting yourself from unlikely—but still possible—events, such as hitting a deer.
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Will my car insurance cover me if I hit a deer?

If you have comprehensive insurance, you will be covered up to your policy limit when you hit a deer.
Comprehensive coverage covers unpredictable events such as wildlife collisions, as well as natural disasters, vandalism,
, and
Although comprehensive coverage is optional in every state, many lenders and leasing companies require it. Even if it’s not mandatory, it’s definitely worth considering. Comprehensive insurance could potentially save you thousands of dollars you would otherwise be stuck paying out of pocket.
Keep in mind that you need to have the proper coverage before hitting a deer—you won’t be able to
add additional coverage following an accident
and be covered for the related damages.

What if I only have collision coverage?

Collision insurance
won’t help you if you hit a deer, as it only covers accidents with other vehicles or collisions with fixed objects.
Key Takeaway You’re most likely to be covered for hitting a deer collision if you have comprehensive coverage.

Understanding your deductible

Most types of comprehensive coverage come with a deductible, but the amount available may differ depending on your insurer.
A deductible is the amount you have to pay out-of-pocket towards a claim before your insurance coverage kicks in and covers the remainder. The average deductible is usually between $500 and $1000. You’ll need to pay your deductible for any repairs required after a deer collision.
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How hitting a deer can impact your insurance rates

Whether or not hitting a deer has a big impact on your insurance premium depends on things like your insurance provider and your claim history.
With some companies, rates aren’t affected by comprehensive claims. With other companies, you might receive a small increase in your premium following a deer collision.
If your rates are affected by hitting a deer, you can stick with your insurer and pay the higher premium OR you can use Jerry to find similar (or better) coverage for the cheapest price.
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Should I file a police report?

It’s never a bad idea to file a police report alongside an insurance claim. Although this isn’t as necessary with deer collisions since they’re beyond anyone’s control, you should definitely file a police report if the collision blocks traffic.
Even if it’s just a minor collision, you might be in an area with high deer traffic. Alerting the police means they can take measures to caution other drivers.
Key Takeaway It’s always a good idea to report insurance claims incidents to the police—even deer collisions.

Finding the right car insurance coverage

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What is the average cost of a deer collision?

Repair costs following deer collisions are often between $2500 and $6000. Of course, the price depends on the severity of the damage.

Does car insurance pay if you hit a deer?

You will likely be covered if you have comprehensive coverage on your policy. Depending on the damage, it will help pay for repairs or the cost of replacing your vehicle, up to your policy limit.

What time of day are you most likely to hit a deer?

Deer are most active at dusk and at dawn. Stay especially alert during mating season between October and January.
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