What Is an NAIC Number and Where do I Find It?

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You’ve cleared the cobwebs after a car accident. Everyone is doing all right, but your car isn’t doing so great. Luckily, you have awesome collision coverage on your car insurance, so even if it was your fault, you’ll be able to get back behind the wheel soon.
As you file your insurance claim, some of the information you’ll need might be a little unfamiliar. Sure, you have car insurance, but what is this NAIC number you’re being asked for? Here’s what you need to know about the NAIC number and how to locate it.

What Is the NAIC?

NAIC stands for National Association of Insurance Commissioners, an organization that sets standards for and regulates the insurance industry in the United States. One of their roles is to help identify individual insurers in the nation to streamline the claims process.

What Is an NAIC Number for?

Each insurer is assigned a unique NAIC number to identify it, and it’s a way of credentialing an insurance company. It can be used to look up consumer reports on an insurer or underwriter, as well as any closed complaints, fraud, or financial data for the company.
An insurer often has different NAIC numbers depending on the type of insurance product you have, and they might have different numbers from state to state too. If you’re asked for an NAIC number, you’ll need the correct one for the policy you hold. Otherwise, it can take longer to process a claim or get the information you need.

Who Might Ask for an NAIC Number

There are a few reasons you might be asked to provide an NAIC number.
Filing an insurance claim: Regardless if it’s for home insurance, travel insurance, or auto insurance, you’ll need to provide the NAIC number to file an insurance claim.
Completing a DMV report: When you fill out information to register a vehicle or complete any other paperwork with the DMV, the NAIC number is commonly required.
Looking up your insurance company: If you have a concern about how your insurance company has conducted itself, you can look up their profile online.

Where an NAIC Number Is Located

When you need your NAIC number, there are a few places you can look for it. It’s a five-digit number. The first place you should check for your NAIC number is on your proof of insurance card. The number should be easy to locate on your insurance card. If you don’t see it immediately, look for a Company Number. That’s an alternate name for an NAIC number. This is guaranteed to be the correct number.
Secondarily, check your insurance policy documentation. In the insurance policy, the underwriter or insurer will have their company number or NAIC number specified so you can correctly identify them. This is the same number as the one on your insurance card, but it could be more difficult to find and you probably aren’t carrying it with you.
Or, if you can’t locate the NAIC number in your insurance policy or you’ve misplaced your insurance card, you can find it online. Visit the NAIC website and used the Consumer Insurance Search tool to locate your insurer’s company number.

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