How to Buy and Install a Dog Car Seat

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It’s not unheard of for pets to be seriously injured in car crashes. In fact, an unrestrained dog can exert up to 40 times its weight in an impact at speeds of just 25 MPH. This can lead to major trauma for your pet and anyone they collide with.
Luckily, you can purchase a dog car seat to help keep your pet safe in the event of an accident. Read on to learn how to properly buy and install a seat.

How to Buy a Dog Car Seat

When buying a dog car seat, you have two shopping options:
Online retailer: Visit a site such as Amazon, eBay, or PetSmart. Perform a search on the site using the keywords “dog car seat,” add your desired purchase to your cart, and complete the payment process.
Brick-and-mortar store: Visit a local retailer that sells dog car seats, including Walmart, Target, or a pet specialty store such as PetSmart. Look for the dog car seat you want; ask a sales associate if you need help finding one.

How to Install a Seat Belt Dog Car Seat

Once you have a dog car seat, you need to install it. When installing a dog car seat with a seat belt, make sure to do it properly to avoid injury to your pet if an accident occurs.
Step 1: Connect the straps. Your dog car seat should come with one or two straps. Connect these straps to the car’s lap seat belt.
Once connected, you can leave these straps in place to install your dog in your car the next time you drive.
Step 2: Attach the seat belt. Next, pull the seat belt through the back side of the dog car seat.
Place the end of the seat belt into the seat belt latch to secure it. Make sure the dog car seat is secure.
Step 3: Attach the quick connector. Attach the metal quick connector from the dog car seat to the ring on its harness.
Loosen or tighten the strap holding the quick connect as desired, making sure to tighten it enough to keep your dog securely in place while driving.

How to Install a Console Dog Seat

A console dog seat with two bucket seats allows your pet to sit with you in the front of the vehicle safely and securely.
Step 1: Connect the straps. Connect a strap to each bucket seat to secure the car seat.
The straps use quick connectors that allow you to easily remove the dog car seat when it’s not needed.
Step 2: Place the seat. Place the dog car seat on the console.
You can use the provided strap to loop around the console for a more secure fit.
Step 3: Attach the quick connector. Attach the quick connector to the ring on the dog’s harness.
Make sure to tighten the strap attached to your dog’s harness to keep your dog securely in place while driving.
It’s important to properly secure your dog in your vehicle. This helps to prevent injury to your pet, your passengers, and yourself during an accident. Once you purchase a dog car seat, make sure to properly install it by following the steps above and the instructions that came with the seat.

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