Ugly Jeeps: 5 Models That Really Missed the Mark

Jane Lu
· 4 min read
nameplate is known for its rugged and fun-loving nature, a gateway off-roader for everyone. It's also known for placing easter eggs in its cars and coming in dynamic colors
hot pink
Still, it's no secret that the unconventional appearance of some Jeeps isn't for everyone. Even diehard Jeep fans will admit that some models are just plain hideous. Here are some of the most brutally hated Jeeps, according to
The Jeep Liberty had a noisy, gas-guzzling engine.

The 2007 Grand Cherokee might be the ugliest Jeep

HotCars editors seem to dislike this model the most, though its reception was fairly positive upon its release. 
It has a nice selection of engines, and it was the model that cemented Jeep's capability to create SUVs. However, the price Jeep was asking for definitely wasn't justified by the car's creaky interior and abysmal gas mileage. It's also not very reliable, so it's hard to even recommend it on the used market.
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The 1993 Grand Wagoneer also wasn't so hot

On one hand, we can appreciate the 1993 Grand Wagoneer's wood body paneling from an aesthetic standpoint. Sadly, Chrysler only created it to target nostalgia for the SJ generation from the ‘60s. It wasn't really a true revival of the Grand Wagoneer: it was just a heavily dressed-up Grand Cherokee.
Interestingly, the
Jeep Grand Wagoneer is returning
yet again for the 2022 model year. Hopefully, engineers have done their homework to actually recreate the satisfying original car instead of a marketing gimmick.

The Jeep Patriot had a really bad reputation

The Jeep Patriot has a relatively inoffensive design, but it has a host of mechanical problems. According to
Cash Cars Buyer
, these models were notorious for water leaks and overheating transmissions. These issues typically occur as early as 7,000 miles, and repairing the transmission alone can cost over $1,000.
Even when the Jeep Patriot runs smoothly, it's not the best off-roader and its engines feel underpowered. Passengers are treated to a bumpy ride on city roads, where it only offers 23 mpg. Add in a cheap interior and it's incredibly difficult to see why Jeep kept this model around for so long.

The Jeep Liberty didn’t seem to do anything right

While even some less popular Jeeps have redeeming qualities, it's hard to find any on the Jeep Liberty. Like the Patriot, it suffers from an unsettled ride and a noisy, gas-guzzling engine. The interior is filled with cheap and ill-fitting materials.
The high step-in height is both annoying and misleading. Boxy cars usually have more space, but the Liberty is definitely an exception. At least it's a good off-roader, but you're probably better off with a Wrangler instead.

Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty Black Ops Edition, tacky or cool?

Speaking of Wranglers, it's difficult for us to say that this Jeep isn't amazing. Sure, the reference might fly over your head if you're not a shooting game fanatic. However, you can't deny that it would be a dream come true for any fan of the series.
said this COD Wrangler has a unique instrument panel, a lockable storage console, and new steering wheel controls. Besides those and the decals, it's just the same old Jeep Wrangler. Considering the Wranger's satisfying off-roading chops, we wouldn't say that's a bad thing.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so don't feel ashamed if your favorite is on this list. We certainly don't discriminate at
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