Rumors That Mercedes V8 Engines Will Be Gone

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New global emission standards are hitting car brands hard. Gas and diesel lose popularity amidst growing environmental concerns, and many companies are planning to go fully hybrid within the decade. Because of this, Mercedes will likely pull their V8 engines out of America for 2022.
A logo for a Mercedes V8 engine
Will Mercedes do away with its V8 engine?

Mercedes rumored to lose its V8 engines

The rumors are more of an open secret than hot gossip. Mercedes V8 engines are almost certainly leaving America.
Car and Driver reported on the leaked memo to dealers that lists 17 2022 model-year V8 Mercedes vehicles. Dealers will not be able to order or schedule for production any of the cars on the list.
While Mercedes has not explicitly confirmed the legitimacy of these reports, the suspension of V8 engines has been independently seen by numerous sources.
The alleged memo has been seen and verified by Reddit moderators and Jalopnik as well, but it was not publicly posted to protect the original leaker.
If the report is true, U.S. sales would be halted for the Mercedes: C63, GLC63, E63, GLE580, GLS580, GLE63, GLS63, GLS600 Maybach, G550, and G63.
Apparently, the memo also references supply chain problems as being a factor in the discontinuation of the V8.
But even if there aren’t supply chain problems, the changing emissions regulations allegedly mentioned in the memo would still prevent the use of the V8.
CNBC already detailed Mercedes’ plan to go all-electric by the end of the decade.
From when this article was written, it shouldn’t take long for Mercedes-Benz to make an official announcement.

Impact of increasingly strict emission regulations

The Clean Air Act encourages companies to be more eco-friendly by reducing harmful emissions.
Electric vehicle (EV) brands like Tesla are benefitting from this as they don’t have to switch from traditional fuels, but some brands aren’t coping with the situation as well.
Tailpipe emissions regulations have squeezed out a good amount of models. The Audi A1 has been canceled, to fans’ dismay.
Aston Martin fans don’t have to be so worried though. According to Autoblog, Mercedes will still be supplying V8 engines to Aston Martin.
Despite disappointments that fans and companies may face, the stricter emission regulations are quite reasonable.
As UCS notes, cars and trucks contribute to one-fifth of all US emissions, with carbon dioxide (CO2) being the worst.
It’s not all doom and gloom in the car world. In general, brands are adapting well.
A lot of companies are releasing exciting new hybrids and EVs. For example, Lucid is releasing a new electric SUV for 2022.
Going green doesn’t mean cars have to be more expensive or inconvenient. Some models are super affordable and appealing, and there are many benefits to owning an EV.

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