A Racehorse Escaped and Ran Along the Kentucky Highway

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
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But it’s rare to see a runaway racehorse on the road. That’s what happened on a Kentucky highway, according to
A runaway racehorse on a Kentucky highway caused a lot of commotion.

How did the Kentucky horse escape?

A 2-year-old horse got loose on her way to start a race at a Kentucky track. The horse, named Bold and Bossy, was headed towards Ellis Park when she threw off the rider, Jockey Miguel Mena. The journey she went on after matched her name.
Bold and Bossy ran off the track and over a levee towards U.S. 41. She briefly ran onto Interstate 69 and Veterans Memorial Parkway, followed by a trail of trainers that were chasing her in their cars.
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How was the horse saved?

Thankfully, right before Bold and Bossy left town, she was found and rescued. The police and sheriff’s department also showed up to help. The owner was able to rescue the horse at the Evansville Water Department.
The horse’s owner and trainer, Michael Ann Ewing, said that Bold and Bossy lost two shoes during her escape. The horse also knocked off some flesh on the heel of her front foot with a hind hoof, but she wasn't seriously injured. Ewing said the filly was cramping due to dehydration when she was finally corralled by a man and his wife.
Bold and Bossy was wearing her saddle and blinkers as she ran down the highway beside vehicles in other lanes. The blinkers restrict her vision and likely made it harder for her to stop.
Another trainer who tried to chase the horse said, "She couldn’t see anything beside her, so that made it a little worse trying to catch her." He added that "I've been here all my life and I’ve never seen one to do a run like this, not that far and not that much highway."

Roads are dangerous to animals

Bold and Bossy didn’t know how to get home. Racehorses that get loose usually run back to the barn that they’re familiar with but Bold and Bossy had only just been shipped in from Lexington. This situation was extremely dangerous for drivers on the Kentucky highway and for the horse.
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