The Nissan Skyline Is Coming Back to America—but It’s Not a Car

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
The Nissan R34 GT-R named the "Skyline" has long been sought after in the American markets but never released. This sleek, fast little sedan was released in Japan and spent some time smoking Italy's finest vehicles for years.
The Skyline has been the focus of many discussions about performance and release desirability. While this
favorite was never trademarked or released in the US, it's certainly built itself a global reputation.
This led to unusual confusion when, on July 12, 2021,
filed a trademark for the name "Skyline" apparently for their own line of vehicles.
Just one month later on August 26, 2021, Nissan also trademarked "Skyline" in the US, but not for a vehicle as Ford had already claimed that title. Instead, they are marketing a line of Skyline GT-R... toys?
Ford just instigated a rivalry with Nissan by taking the Skyline name in the U.S., so what has Nissan done in return?

Ford files for the "Skyline" vehicle trademark

Back in July, Ford made a bold and surprising move by filing a trademark for the product name "Skyline." In their application, they specified that the trademark was intended to use the trademark to name motor land vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, and automobiles.
This is an unusual move for a car company, as usually vehicle brands don’t release cars by competing model names, just competing features. The Skyline line has already been established by Nissan, even if it was not released in the U.S.
We don't know when or what type of vehicle Ford intends to develop under the name "Skyline," as this is a rare and unpredictable move on their part.
If Ford trademarked the "Skyline" name for vehicles, what did Nissan file a "Skyline" name for?
Immediately after Ford snags the "Skyline" title, specifically for vehicles, Nissan files their trademark in another category, "model cars and minicars." Their "Skyline" trademark in the US is designated for games, toys, and sporting goods, not vehicles.
So will we be seeing little toy Skylines in the near future? Well, a prototype model is already here.
Nissan's file for the trademark was accompanied by photos of die-cast versions of the R34 GT-R and the 25GT-X sedan. One of the charmingly packaged toy cars is a model of the Midnight Purple GT-R Skyline that was recently purchased by a collector in the US for $235,000.
Another is of a perfect plastic-encased silver model of the 25GT-X Turbo, specifically the model from 1998, as it says on the package.
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Nissan snagged the "Skyline" vehicle trademark in Canada

Another interesting note that says Nissan hasn't given up on its Skyline line of vehicles is a recent move in the Canadian trademark office. One day before the US toy trademark, Nissan also filed a trademark in Canada on August 25, 2021, according to
This trademark is not for toys, but for goods and services - specifically "automobiles, electric cars, wagons, trucks, vans, and SUVs." Clearly, Nissan plans to hold onto the "Skyline" trademark, even if Ford got an unexpected drop on them in the American trademark office.

What to expect from Nissan and Ford's "Skylines" in the future

We're not sure what awaits on the horizon, except that Nissan isn't leaving the "Skyline" product title in the dust.
With toys of their beloved sporty sedan trademarked in the US and the Canadian trademark hopefully preparing a nearby North American market, we hope to see Nissan Skylines on this side of the pond in the next few years.
The real question is what Ford is doing with the "Skyline" trademark, and what we should expect from any vehicles branded with this competitive model title.
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