Mini Will Collaborate With Dogs Trust to Help Pets Travel Happier

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MINI, the brand known for its light-spirited advertising campaigns and slogans for its fast and fun cars, is making good headlines once more.
The subsidiary of BMW has partnered in the UK with a dog charity organization to cater to accommodating canines and their owners alike. Here’s everything you need to know about the partnership.

What makes this partnership unique

A happy golden retriever, lying down and smiling
MINI partners with Dogs Trust for some tips on accommodating pets.
This is more than just a sponsorship. This is the first time that an automaker has partnered with an organization in order to become the first dog-friendly manufacturer by 2022, Autocar reports.
The animal charity, Dogs Trust, is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. MINI will collaborate with Dogs Trust on a range of dog issues and concerns while also making its own updates and improvements in how dealerships operate.

The goal of MINI’s partnership

MINI and Dogs Trust hope to raise awareness for pet-friendly travel, whether short or long distance. With over 12.5 million dogs in the UK, roughly a third of households own canines, according to BMW Group.
Since dogs are such a regular part of most people’s lives, it’s only natural to push to accommodate them in car buying as well.
Making dogs feel welcome is an important first step. To further that, MINI dealerships will have dog bowls for water, welcoming the four-legged friends to join the family car shopping. That’s pretty innovative considering how many businesses are typically off limits for most pets, including dogs.
Since safety is paramount, the arrangement will integrate driver education on dog safety. BMW Group reports that to support this goal, MINI dealerships will have optional dog travel extras for purchase, like a dog guard and rear compartment mats for the cargo area. What’s more, MINI’s different models can be paired best for owners of different sized dogs.
Any dog owner will attest that comfortable dogs are key to an enjoyable car ride. Dogs Trust canine behavior experts will collaborate with MINI on ways to ensure that dog owners know best practices for how to make pets feel cozy on car rides while also taking into account their unique safety needs.

Dogs really are happier in a MINI

A recent analysis conducted by MINI UK found that 91 percent of dogs enjoyed riding in a MINI. There were other interesting findings like where owners had dogs in the car and where the dogs were most comfortable.
Large dogs enjoyed riding in the cargo area, and the ample cargo room is what big dog owners liked best about their MINIs. Smaller dogs were taxied around in the back seat.
You can tell a dog is happy to be in the car by looking out for a few signs. First of all, the dog is eager to hop into the vehicle. Then, once they are inside, the dog settles in comfortably. Finally, dogs are happiest when they have enough space to sit, lie down, or move around slightly.
Because so many pet owners want to include dogs in everything family related, even buying a car, MINI’s partnership just makes sense.
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