How Does Mercury In Retrograde Affect Car Buying?

Serena Aburahma
· 3 min read
Even if you're not someone who believes that astrological signs can affect things, you might have heard the phrase "Mercury in retrograde" before. It's a concept in astrology that is said to have major effects on the world. Some believe that it could even affect
car buying.
According to
, if you want to buy a car when Mercury is in retrograde, you should still do it. Being a little more careful during this time is not a bad idea, though.
We recommend thinking through your car decisions during any retrograde.

What does Mercury in retrograde mean?

Astrology is based on the movement of the planets. The term retrograde refers to times when it looks like planets are moving in reverse. Even though it looks like planets in retrograde are moving in reverse, it is more of an illusion that comes from the speed of planets.
Mercury is a special case when it comes to being in retrograde. By being the closest planet to the sun, Mercury is the fastest planet in the solar system. Earth is a slower planet than Mercury, so as the slower planet catches up, it looks like Mercury is moving in reverse.
Because of Mercury's speed, it enters retrograde three times a year. These periods of Mercury in retrograde last two to three weeks and occur throughout the year. There is a reputation that odd things happen during these periods.
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Confusion and technological issues 

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The stereotypes of Mercury in retrograde include overall confusion, chaos, and technological problems galore. If you find that your WiFi isn't working and your car won't start all of the sudden, you might be a victim of Mercury in retrograde. 
These issues occur astrologically because Mercury is responsible for communication, rationality, thinking patterns, and similar things. When Mercury is moving strangely, things tend to just feel "off."
Because of this overall confusion that comes from Mercury in retrograde, some worry that it is a bad time to make major decisions. Purchasing a car when thinking and communication are impacted seems like a scary idea. 
So, is it a good idea to buy a car during Mercury in retrograde?

Buying a car with Mercury in retrograde

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Even astrologers will say that there is nothing wrong with buying a car when Mercury is in retrograde. It just might be a good idea to pay closer attention to what you're getting. 
Mercury in retrograde may be most closely associated with things going wrong, but it is also known as a time of unexpected happenings. It doesn't mean that the car you buy is going to be disappointing. When buying a car, retrograde or not, make sure it's a car that you truly want.
A good thing to remember is that the perfect time to buy a car is whenever you are ready. Things can go perfectly when Mercury is in retrograde, and they can go wrong when Mercury isn't in retrograde. For example, this frustrating experience buying a car from Vroom seemed to happen during a non-retrograde season.
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