Mazda's Impressive Consumer Reports Win Has a Hidden Bonus

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Kiana Justice
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
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Consumer Reports
(CR) has become one of the leading sources for vehicle reviews and auto advice, and they recently ranked the top car brands for 2021.
Based on four key factors, CR gave each brand an Overall Score to create their rankings. According to
car insurance data and rate comparisons between top companies, Mazda comes with another hidden win: it’s one of the cheapest brands to insure.
Let’s take a closer look at CR’s scoring system, competing brands, and the insurance savings that comes with Mazda's number one spot.
The top brands have consistent vehicle performance | Twenty20

How did Consumer Reports rank the best car brands?

The Overall Score is mainly based on road tests, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. CR averages the scores for these four factors to come up with the rankings. CR also included whether or not a vehicle earned a "Green Choice" recommendation for being one of the most
eco-friendly cars
For the road-test score,
takes the vehicles through more than 50 driving evaluations that test things like acceleration, braking, and safety systems. Predicted reliability ratings are based on the problems that are reported by car owners. Owner satisfaction is based on whether owners say they would buy the vehicle again.

Which car brands are the best?

Based on CR’s car brand "report card", Mazda, Subaru, and Porsche were part of the top brands again for 2021. However, this year, BMW knocked out Porsche for one of the top-three spots. Mazda beat out the competition and had the highest Overall Score of 80 with one of the best marks for predicted reliability.
Even luxury brands like BMW were surpassed by Mazda this year.
, a fan-favorite, moved up five spots on the list and sits at number seven. Honda improved the most and moved 10 spots up to the top-5. While top brands have consistent performance, you should research individual models before you buy a car.

Mazda has an additional car insurance bonus

Not only is Mazda one of the top brands, it’s actually one of the most affordable to insure. The average monthly cost of insurance for Mazda drivers is around $203. That means you’ll have a great car that comes with potential savings on insurance .
On average, BMW owners pay $261 a month for car insurance, and Subaru drivers pay $225. With the help of
, the average monthly cost for insuring a Mazda is even cheaper at $183. From comparing quotes to handling the paperwork, Jerry takes care of all the car insurance hassles for you.
Even if you don’t drive a Mazda, Jerry can still help you make sure you’re not overpaying for insurance. Let the free app save you money on car insurance.

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