Joe Biden Plan Targets Emissions Regulations for New Cars

Genevieve Fraser
· 3 min read
Concerns about vehicle emissions
have increased as the effects of
climate change
are felt around the world. With many lawmakers looking for ways to mitigate these effects, it seems the way we drive our cars is heading toward a significant change.
According to
The Washington Post
, President Biden recently proposed a new plan to tighten mileage on
new cars
which would cut emissions and make all vehicles more efficient.
The plan would be similar to one already put in place in
during 2019.
What are the details, and how might this affect what you pay to drive?

The Clean Air Act, California, and the Obama administration

President Biden’s emissions regulations see substantial increases to mileage standards.
The Clean Air Act, passed in 1970, allowed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to dictate how each state regulates its vehicle emissions.
But, over the years, California has been given multiple exemptions because, according to
Green Technology
, it already had
emissions-reduction plans
dating back to the 1960s. These plans resulted from the state’s comparatively excessive contribution to national air pollution.
California set a new standard for how cars are made, and its self-awareness gave other states something to strive for.
During the Trump administration, however, things fell behind on the carbon emissions reduction goal of a 5% annual increase set forth by Obama.
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How much did the Trump administration roll back emissions standards?

While Trump was in the White House, California made a deal with big-name automakers like
, BMW, Volvo, Honda, and Ford to continue to cut car emissions.
The Trump administration cut this initial deal of a 3.7% annual mileage increase for models built through 2026 to 1.5%.
During Trump’s presidency, many who supported better fuel-efficiency for cars felt like America fell behind on its original goals.

The Biden administration's emissions reduction plan through 2026 and beyond

Some now think the plan put forth by the Biden Administration is much too late, as they believe we've already crossed a threshold of climate change from which we can't return.
Others think it's still a noble goal, with the new plan intended to exceed the goals set by the Obama administration.
AP News
reports that by 2025, the goal is to increase standards for mileage to 5%, then up it one or two percent higher for 2026. By 2030, President Biden aims to, at minimum, halve all greenhouse gas emissions from the U.S.
So how might this ultimately affect you and your insurance rates?

How will more efficient cars affect your driving?

With more
electric vehicles
(EVs) on the market than ever before, and the
sales to match
, it seems we are headed for an electric future–good news for emissions-reduction efforts.
Getting a hybrid or electric car may very well
increase your insurance rate
, since, as
Driving Electric
explains, certain electric models can add as much as 45% to your premium, though this does appear to be changing somewhat. Some EVs do cost less to insure than similar gas-powered alternatives, but this is not the norm.
Car and Driver
reports that hybrids can add roughly 7% to your bill, but again, each vehicle is unique.
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