Do Delivery Drivers Need Special Car Insurance?

Andrew Koole
· 3 min read
Delivery services like DoorDash and UberEats exploded over the last year. The
persuaded many people to order in and have their groceries brought to their doors instead of risking an outing and potentially catching
That spike in demand also caused an increase in delivery drivers as delivery apps recruited to keep up with orders. With the lockdown interrupting so many sources of employment, many people jumped at the opportunity to use their personal vehicles to make some extra cash.
If you’re thinking of joining the growing industry, you might want to take a look at your
car insurance
policy before getting started. While most delivery service companies offer protection for their drivers, the gaps in their coverage could leave you vulnerable.
Making some extra cash as a delivery driver is a great side gig.

When are delivery drivers covered by company insurance?

Fox Business
says most delivery service apps offer complimentary coverage for drivers while they’re on the job. But what constitutes "on the job" might not be what you expect.
If you have a delivery in your vehicle when an incident occurs, the complimentary insurance will protect you. But if you’re on the way to pick up a delivery from a restaurant or store, the app’s insurance may not apply.
That means you might need your own car insurance to cover you for half the time you spend in your car making deliveries.
Besides this substantial gap in your complimentary coverage, you should also be aware of any deductibles the company may require you to pay before their insurance kicks in. Whatever they set it at is what you’ll need to pay before their insurance will cover you.
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What kind of car insurance do delivery drivers need?

The coverage you need as a delivery driver depends on your specific situation. If you drive a company-owned vehicle or you’re only delivering on a temporary basis, Fox says that regular car insurance should cover you.
But if you regularly use your personal vehicle to make deliveries, even on a part-time basis, you will need a rideshare or commercial car insurance policy. These types of insurance cost more than standard policies, but if you don’t upgrade your coverage, you could end up liable for some pretty catastrophic expenses.

Types of car insurance for delivery drivers

Choosing between rideshare and commercial car insurance hinges on the details of your personal policy and that of the company you work for.
Not all delivery service companies offer insurance for their drivers. Sign up with DoorDash or UberEats, and rideshare insurance will cover the gaps in the company’s insurance.
But if you work for apps like InstaCart and GrubHub that don’t have insurance for their drivers, you’ll have to fork over the extra cash for a full commercial policy.
Coverage also changes from insurance provider to insurance provider. Take a good look at your personal policy to make sure it covers you when you need it to. And to make sure you’re getting the best price, shop for car insurance with
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