Chrysler and Other Automakers Make Efforts to Get Minivans Popular Again

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
The humble minivan is starting to gain more respect. Some drivers consider them bulky and only good for big families. However, current minivan manufacturers like
show that these vehicles offer a lot more than just extra seating.
Many consumers prefer SUVs if they want a larger vehicle. But minivans are increasing in popularity once again, according to
. Those on the market today go for considerably high prices.
Minivans are making a comeback.

The history of minivans

It seems like minivans have always been on the road, but the models we’re familiar with weren’t invented until the 1980s. The minivan was designed to have the utility of a van and still be accessible for average drivers. This means that it needed to be able to fit in garages.
Modern minivans hit the market in 1984 with the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager. These vehicles were seen as much-needed at the time, as they provided seating and cargo space that were perfect for bigger families. This naturally led to other manufacturers producing their minivans for the market.
Minivans focus on practicality and not style. They had a reputation for being family vehicles and their designs weren’t meant to be exciting. If consumers want a vehicle with additional seating and storage space, they often turn to sleeker SUVs.
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Why are minivans regaining popularity?

Drivers initially connected with minivans because of their ample space and seating. The benefits of SUVs are that they offer both space and off-road capabilities. However, most drivers don't ever need these off-road features, which has led some consumers to reconsider minivans.
Chrysler Pacifica minivans are known for their "Stow-n-Go" seating. As the name suggests, this means that drivers can fold seating under the vehicle flooring. This gives the minivan storage space that’s not available with any SUV on the market.
Helpful amenities and features like this are common in minivans. The Honda Odyssey has a built-in vacuum cleaner, and some other minivans have introduced this as well. Some have screens and innovative entertainment features to keep younger riders occupied during longer rides.
Minivans are still one of the best options for families, and automakers are releasing models with more modern looks and improved styling.

A potentially bright future for minivans

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More drivers are catching on to the benefits that a minivan can offer. This resurgence in popularity is reflected in the prices that minivans are currently selling at. Last month, minivans sold for an average of 8% more than their sticker price, as reported by CBS58.
They came close to the edge of extinction previously and only four manufacturers offer minivans in the United States: Chrysler, Toyota, Kia, and Honda. Now, demand is on the rise.
Technology plays a big role for minivan manufacturers that want to stand out. Automakers are putting a lot of effort into improving design to bring in new customers that might not have considered these vehicles before.
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