Buying a Used Toyota Land Cruiser Only Makes Sense for a 'Certain Type of Buyer'

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
first introduced the Land Cruiser in 1951, it has been a staple of the manufacturer's lineup. Toyota vehicles have a reputation for
long-lasting reliability
and used Toyota Land Cruiser models receive a lot of positive attention.
However, even though this SUV can make a great used car, it may not be right for everyone. According to
, a used Toyota Land Cruiser may only be the right vehicle for a driver with specific needs which can be determined by which series of Land Cruiser is being looked at.
A Toyota Land Cruiser might be the right used car for you, just make sure you know what you’re looking for.

Different generations of Toyota Land Cruiser

If you are interested in buying a used Toyota Land Cruiser, it is important to consider which generation of the vehicle you want. Certain model year vehicles have reputations for being worse than others, like with another
Toyota SUV, the Highlander
. It is important to note the pros and cons of each model year of a used car.
Autotrader focuses on the 60 Series Toyota Land Cruiser models. This series featured four doors and a six-cylinder engine. While used Land Cruisers are rugged, 60 Series models come from the 1980s, and it’s hard to find one in good condition.
Next, is the 80 Series, which was produced from 1991 to 1997. Four-wheel drive and third-row seating made this Land Cruiser noteworthy when it was new, and it has legendary reliability. They're rare, but 80 Series SUVs with more than 300,000 miles have been reported.
For a more recent generation of used Toyota Land Cruisers, the 100 Series was made from 1998 to 2007. This series of Land Cruisers improved both the comfort and durability of the SUV, and it included a powerful V8 engine. Interested buyers might even be able to find 100 Series Land Cruisers with luxury features like heated seats.
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What should a driver consider in a used Toyota Land Cruiser?

One thing a driver should consider before buying a used Toyota Land Cruiser is finding replacement parts for the SUV. As with other vehicles, it can be harder to find manufacturer parts for older models, so you might have to settle for aftermarket parts.
There is also always a risk when buying high-mileage vehicles, even acclaimed vehicles like the Land Cruiser. Plenty of Toyota Land Cruisers are reliable well past 200,000 miles, but there is no way to know for certain how each individual SUV will function.
Beyond these common issues that can be found with any older vehicle, though, there are no specific issues that stand out with the Toyota Land Cruiser.

A used Toyota Land Cruiser versus the competition

When shopping for a used SUV, you have plenty of options outside of the Toyota Land Cruiser. A used Range Rover could deliver a more luxurious SUV than a Land Cruiser. However, the Range Rover may be less reliable than the Land Cruiser.
For another Toyota offering, used 4Runner SUVs are common. 4Runners are not as large as Land Cruisers, but they offer the same Toyota durability and reliability. For drivers who want a smaller SUV, this could be the better choice.
Choosing to buy a used Toyota Land Cruiser could be the perfect choice for the right driver, but there is a lot to consider. When buying insurance, though, you don't have to do all the considerations yourself.
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