Americans Pay an Average of $4,500 a Year Just To Get To Work

Andrew Koole
· 3 min read
Commuting to work is expensive. On average, Americans spend over $4,500 every year getting to work, and that doesn’t factor in the potential loss of income that could be accrued in the time people waste while on their way to the office. That opportunity cost averages out to nearly $1,700 per year.
These stats are a small sampling of a huge amount of data concerning the work travel trends and costs of Americans that
recently analyzed. Bundled together, the information presents a shocking picture of how much time and money we spend driving to and from work.
The situation looks especially grim when considered alongside studies that show how bad commuting is for us. From the stress it causes to the effect it has on our diets, our
daily drive
to the office, if left unchecked, can wreak havoc on our health and finances.
Most people dread their commute to work every day.

The cost of commuting

When most people think about the cost of traveling to their workplace, they think about gas, maintenance, and other car ownership costs. Jerry’s data analysis reveals that these costs are far from trivial.
Based on average state gas and car insurance prices, commuting distances, and traffic speeds, along with a national annual maintenance cost average of $800, average commuting costs range from Vermont’s $3,196 per year to New York’s $7,200.
Factor in the money lost driving to work instead of actually working, and some of those averages increase dramatically. In D.C., the average commuter could make almost $4,000 if paid to work for the time they spend commuting—and that’s only at D.C.’s minimum wage.
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How to cut down on commuting costs

The most effective way to lower the cost of your daily commute is simple—don’t do it. 
Remote work is becoming increasingly popular since the pandemic, and even as things start looking more like they were before we heard of COVID-19, many businesses still allow their employees to split their workweek between the office and their homes.
Avoiding the commute is also better for your health.
says the drive into work can raise your blood pressure, steal time away from exercise and proper food preparation, and deteriorate your mental well-being. 
Not everyone has the luxury of working from home, but that doesn’t mean they’re stuck paying average commuting costs. Carpooling and using public transit, even for part of the journey, can make getting to work cheaper.

One money-saving tip accessible to all commuters

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One of the most substantial costs for commuters is
car insurance
. In New York, the most expensive state for commuters, the annual average car insurance rate is $4,546—over half the state’s average cost to commute.  
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