4 Iconic Christmas Car Videos

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
Do you remember your favorite Christmas commercials from previous holiday seasons? Whether it's Hallmark cards or the Budweiser Clydesdales, marketing agencies really know how to tug at your heartstrings during the holidays. 
Car brands
, on the other hand, tend to take a more festive approach. Their big-budget spectacles often feature more fast and furious fun than famous commercial faces.
The reason carmakers budget so much for these holiday spectacles is to keep viewers engaged with the brand in a positive way. A great Christmas ad will make a car brand more memorable. If you still remember a Christmas commercial years later, that proves their ads are working just as intended.
With the help of
, let's take a look back at commercials that are sure to be just as enjoyable now as they were during holidays past. 
Here are some of the most memorable holiday car commercials.

This Christmas car video features a forgetful company you'll never forget

Girardo & Co. are classic car specialists with their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks—when it comes to Christmas, at least! Their Christmas car videos all showcase a driver who has forgotten something important for the holiday celebration. In 2016 it was the Christmas tree, in 2017 a whole pile of wrapped presents, in 2018 the tree (again!), and in 2019 they apparently forgot the Christmas video itself.
The result is a fast and funny compilation of the previous three years of Christmas videos. Let's hope they don't forget to make another one of these memorable Christmas classics!
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Is this the right way to deliver a Christmas tree?

A Lotus drifting its way through the company's Hethel testing facility on its way to deliver a Christmas tree? Check! Looking stylish and in charge while doing it? Double-check!
If the Hethel facility wasn't already a popular set location for car commercials before this ad, it just might be one now. In the commercial, a 410-horsepower Lotus sleigh gets the job done, complete with squealing tires and a roaring engine, as it races through the multifaceted grounds of Hethel.
After watching this 2018 Christmas ad, aptly titled "Merry Driftmas and a Hethel New Year," it would be hard to think of a Lotus as anything but a good-looking and fun-to-drive speed machine.

The Christmas ad about a Grinch's favorite ride

The Mercedes-AMG, complete with a driver who really doesn't like traditional Christmas music, appears in another one of these memorable ads. The video is called "Not Another Christmas Video," and they nailed it with that title. The only thing this car video and Christmas have in common is the car's colorful exterior. 

A special Bentley for a very special customer

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We watch as the Bentley team scrambles to put together the ultimate bespoke Bentley for the quintessential Christmas connoisseur.  It seems that Santa himself is in need of a new ride—which Bentley delivers in this charming car commercial. The Jolly Elf seems to approve of their efforts as he receives the delivery in the nick of time for the Christmas Eve rush.
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