How much does a stucco inspection cost?

A stucco inspection can cost between $600 and $1,200 depending on the size of your home and accessibility.
Written by Talullah Blanco
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
A stucco inspection costs between $600 and $1,200 depending on a number of factors including the size of your home, accessibility, the extent of the inspection, and more. 
If you’ve dreamt about living in the Spanish Riviera or the rolling hills of Tuscany but are tethered to the United States, you’ve probably considered purchasing a stucco home if you haven’t already. However, stucco is a highly porous material that requires regular maintenance and inspections to keep moisture problems at bay. An annual stucco can help you spot holes, cracks, or separations before they become a major problem. 
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How much does a stucco inspection cost?

The average cost of a stucco inspection can range between $600 and $1,200 but how much you end up paying could be less or more than that depending on a number of factors. Here’s what will affect the cost of your stucco inspection:
  • Size of your home: The higher the square footage, the higher the inspection cost. Larger homes have more surface area which requires more moisture probe sites, readings, and time to inspect. 
  • The type of inspection: Stucco inspections are usually performed in three phases ranging from visual inspections to destructive testing. The more invasive the inspection, the more you’ll pay. 
  • Location climate: If you live somewhere it rains frequently like the Pacific Northwest, your stucco inspection will cost more than one in Southern California. 
Regular home inspections don’t usually include a stucco inspection, so be ready to add the cost of a stucco inspection to your overall real estate transaction costs. 
Getting a stucco inspection can save you money by preventing major repairs or increasing the value of your home in the sale!

Do I need a stucco inspection?

It’s always a good idea to get a stucco inspection for regular maintenance and before any real estate transaction, some lenders require it before finalizing a home sale. 
Your mortgage lender should be able to walk you through your specific loan agreement, but we’ll cover national guidelines for VA and FHA loans. 

Roof inspection for VA and FHA loan

If you’re purchasing a home using a VA or FHA loan, you’ll need a stucco inspection if there is a problem with the stucco siding or if the lender requires it.
You’ll be required to get a stucco inspection if the appraiser notices:
  • Large or hairline cracks
  • Visibly damp or discolored stucco
  • Crumbling stucco
  • Soft spots or indents 
  • Cracking and bubbling along the foundation
  • Water stains
The mortgage lender may not approve your loan and you will receive increased home insurance premiums if your stucco inspection reveals severe water damage that affects the structural integrity. 

Signs of stucco damage

Getting a stucco inspection can help you spot signs of damage before they become a serious problem and result in costly repairs. It’s recommended you get a stucco inspection once a year for regular maintenance or whenever you notice these early signs of damage:
  • Missing chunks of stucco: Damage to your stucco surface or stucco that easily tears off can be a sign of water damage underneath. 
  • Obvious cracks: As one of the most common indicators of moisture problems, it’s important to keep an eye out for hairline cracks or cracks larger than 1/4 inch.
  • Bubbling along the bottom edge of your home: If you see this, you’re likely dealing with a poor drainage system that is causing water to seep through the stucco walls. 
  • Indents or soft spots: Visible indents in your stucco or soft stucco could be indicative of long-term water damage that has caused rot. 
You should schedule a stucco inspection sooner rather than later when you notice the above signs to avoid water damage and costly repairs. 

Stucco repair costs

Stucco repairs typically range between $477 and $1,510 but depending on the extent of damage, significant repairs could cost you $4,000! Smaller stucco repairs like filling cracks, fixing chips, or patching holes won’t break the bank but repairs that involve water damage will come with a much higher price tag. That’s why preventative measures like annual stucco inspections and regular maintenance are so important.
Here’s how to maintain your stucco to prevent damage:
  • Wash your stucco two to three times a year 
  • Repair cracks, patch holes, and fix chips 
  • Seal the stucco with masonry sealant every five years 
  • Repaint your home
While maintaining your stucco can be tedious and sometimes expensive, inspection fees and maintenance costs are well worth your while to prevent costly water damage and repairs. 

How to hire a stucco inspector

Whether you’re having your stucco inspected for regular maintenance, in preparation to sell your home, or buying a new one, you’ll need a trained stucco inspector you can trust. 
Here are a few tips to help you find the right stucco inspector for the job:
  • Ask your real estate agent, friends, and family for stucco inspector recommendations. 
  • Make sure they are qualified. Certified stucco inspectors have been trained to visually inspect and evaluate different types of stucco to accurately pinpoint areas of concern. While there are no stucco certification requirements, an EIFS and IACHI certification is an added bonus.
  • Read reviews. Checking customer reviews is one of the best ways to weed out an unreliable inspector.
  • Call and get a quote. After you’ve narrowed down your list to three companies, request a quote from each to make your final decision. 
Hiring a certified stucco inspector guarantees you’re getting a comprehensive report from a trained professional you can rely on. It can also provide you with key insights to help negotiate stucco repair services or make an offer on a home.

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