Lee County, NC Property Tax

The Lee County property tax rate is .93% of assessed fair market value, putting Lee County on the higher end for property tax rates in North Carolina.
Written by Elizabeth Sandberg
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
With an average property tax rate of .93% and a median home value of $127,800, Lee County,
North Carolina
, residents pay an average of $1,183 a year in property taxes
Homeownership is a dream for many, but paying yearly property taxes and a mortgage can be challenging. Fluctuating property values and additional city and county taxes make it tough to understand your property tax responsibilities.   
That’s why
—your trusted home and
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Property tax 101

If you’re new to paying property taxes or need a refresher, here are the basics: 
  • Property taxes help fund your local government programs, such as education, fire and public safety, health and human services, and law enforcement.
  • Most property taxes are assessed on real property, which refers to land, buildings, and houses.
  • The county tax assessor typically determines property tax amounts using current market values and local tax rates.
  • The county tax collector receives your tax payments.
  • Property taxes are raised or lowered based on market conditions and local government budget needs.
Your property taxes pay toward the services your local government provides to all residents of Lee County
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What is the property tax rate in Lee County?

Lee County’s average tax rate is .93% of assessed home value. Property taxes in Lee County are higher than North Carolina’s state average of .78%
With a median home value of $127,800, Lee County homeowners can expect to pay around $1,183 a year in property taxes. 

How Lee County property taxes are determined

Your property taxes are determined by the
Lee County Real Property Appraisal Division
To calculate your tax bill
, add the applicable county and municipal/district combined tax rates, then multiply by the county tax appraisal of the property.
Current and past tax rates
are available online.
If you think your property’s value has been calculated incorrectly, you can appeal the assessment with the
Lee County Assessor's office
Additionally, some homeowners may qualify for
property tax relief

What do Lee County property taxes pay for? 

Lee County property tax revenues fund a variety of county and city services, such as: 
  • Education
  • Health, welfare, and human services
  • Libraries and the arts
  • Transportation 
  • Law enforcement
  • Public safety
  • Waste and recycling
  • Animal control
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How to pay property taxes in Lee County 

Lee County property taxes are printed and mailed in July or August of each year. Tax payments are due on September 1 and are considered delinquent on January 5th of the following year. A
property tax calendar
is posted for your convenience. 
Lee County accepts electronic and
online payments
Convenience fees are added
and vary according to the payment method used. Residents can also mail their payments to the tax office or pay in person.
  • By mail: Make checks payable to Lee County Tax Administration and mail to Lee County Tax, PO Box 1968 Sanford, NC 27331.
  • In person: You may pay your property tax bill in person at 106 Hillcrest Dr, Sanford, NC 27330.
You can email tax@leecountync.gov with any general tax-related questions. Never send your confidential or payment information over email

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September 1st of each year is the deadline to pay property taxes in Lee County. Taxes are considered delinquent by January 5th of the following year.
Your property tax statement is mailed in July or August. Even if, for some reason, you do not receive your tax bill in the mail, you are still responsible for paying your property taxes on time.
Property taxes in Lee County average about $1,183 a year with a tax rate of .93%. Property taxes in Lee County are higher than the state average of .78%.
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