Lake County, Indiana Property Taxes

The Lake County property tax rate is 1.37%, making the average annual payment $1,793.
Written by Katherine Duffy
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The average property tax rate in Lake County,
, is 1.37%, meaning Lake County residents pay an average of $1,852 in property taxes annually. 
Paying your annual property taxes is an important responsibility that comes with owning a home in the US—no matter the state in which you live. Even though every homeowner has to pay these taxes, it can be difficult to figure out what you have to pay and how as property tax amounts and payment processes vary depending on where you live. 
If you live in Lake County, Indiana, and you’re unsure about how to pay your property taxes, when, and what your payment is used for, you’ve come to the right place. 
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Property Tax 101

Before paying property taxes, it’s important to understand what they are. Here’s what you need to know: 
  • Property taxes are used by local governments to fund essential public services like education, emergency services, public libraries, and law enforcement
  • They collect these funds from people who own property under their jurisdiction
  • Most property taxes apply to real property like land, buildings, and homes
  • Your property taxes are determined by a local tax assessor who assigns rates based on your property’s market value and your local tax rate
  • Property taxes can change based on market conditions and local budgets

What is the property tax rate in Lake County? 

Lake County’s average tax rate is 1.37% of a property’s assessed market value, which is higher than Indiana’s average property tax rate of 0.85%. You can expect to pay around $1,852 in property taxes per year based on the Indiana Lake County average. 

How Lake County property taxes are determined

Lake County property taxes apply to all real property under the jurisdiction of each of the county’s tax districts, including school, municipal, and city districts. 
Each of Lake County’s tax districts determines a budget for their public services and levies property taxes to fit this budget.
The Lake County Auditor
determines a tax rate for each district to accommodate its budget. This rate can change from year to year depending on community needs.  
Then, the
Lake County Property Tax Assessor
appraises your property based on a fair valuation of the property market in your area. Lake County property assessment uses “trending”—or a detailed assessment of home sales trends in your area over the last two years—to calculate this value. 
Your property tax in Lake County will be 1.37% of this valuation. If you don’t agree with the Assessor’s valuation, you can appeal this valuation by contacting the Lake County Assessor and asking for a property appraisal appeal form. 
You may qualify for a Lake County property tax
Homeowners Property Tax Exemption
if the property you’re claiming the exemption for is your primary residence and you aren’t applying for exemptions on other properties you own. 

What do Lake County property taxes pay for? 

Lake County uses property taxes to fund local services and projects. This means your property tax money is almost always used to help your community, and rarely is used for federal or state budgets. These local services and projects include: 
  • Transportation 
  • Roads and highways
  • Law enforcement
  • Public health
  • Building safety
  • Public libraries
  • K-12 and community education 
  • Solid waste
  • Fire rescue
  • Public housing

How to pay property taxes in Lake County 

Lake County property taxes are typically paid in two installments. The first payment due date is May 10th, and the second due date is November 10th. 
There are many ways to make your property tax payment in Lake County, so you can choose the method that works best for you: 
  • Pay online: You can pay your property taxes online via the
    Lake County online property tax payment portal
    using a major credit card or e-check. Nominal convenience fees may apply for processing online transactions. 
  • In-person: You can pay your property taxes in-person by visiting the Lake County Treasurer’s office at this address: Building 'A', 2nd Floor, 2293 N. Main Street, Crown Point, IN 46307
  • By mail: Using the address above, you can mail a check, money order, or e-check made out to the Indiana Lake County Treasurer. 

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There are many factors that determine your property tax amount, including any deductions, tax caps, and fees that may be associated with your property. Your property is also assessed based on the interior and exterior features of your home, which may be very different from your neighbor’s.
If you think there’s a mistake on your bill, you can call the Indiana Lake County Treasurer at 219-755-3760 to ask about the mistake.
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