How Many Dogs Can You Have in Vermont?

While there is no legal limit to the number of dogs you can own in Vermont, you must follow dog ownership laws.
Written by Claire Beaney
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
There are no statewide limitations on the number of dogs you can keep in Vermont, but there might be local or county-level restrictions. As a pet owner, stay informed of any additional dog regulations in your state.
Is it possible to have too many dogs? If you have more than one pup and can't get enough of them, the answer is most likely no. And for dog lovers in
, there’s good news—there is no state limit to how many dogs one owner can have. 
But be sure to take a look at the regulations in your specific city or county to make sure you’re following local guidelines, and are limiting the number of dogs you own to an amount you can care for.
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Does Vermont have laws limiting how many dogs you can own?

There isn’t a state limit on the number of dogs you can possess in Vermont, however, this can vary by city or county.
In more rural areas, you may not see any sort of limit on the number of dogs one household can have. Urban areas and cities may cap the limit at two or three dogs, to control the disturbances that can arise in smaller and closer spaces.
Landlords and apartment owners may also set their own limits on how many dogs a tenant can possess.
However, generally speaking, being a good pet owner entails keeping the number of dogs you own to a number that you can effectively care for. This means being able to pay for all of your normal day-to-day costs and any unexpected medical bills that might come up.

Are there any dog breeds outlawed in Vermont?

Vermont state law doesn’t restrict any specific dog breeds.
As of writing, there is only one town in Vermont that actively bans a dog breed. The town of Montgomery, located just south of the border,
doesn’t permit ownership
of pit bull-type dogs.
Many states have particular laws in place for dogs whose behavior has been proven to be dangerous. Unlike others, Vermont does not have a "dangerous dog" statute.

What are the leash laws in Vermont?

Even if you believe you have the best-trained dog in the neighborhood, letting them run wild in the streets isn’t the best idea. While Vermont itself doesn’t have state-wide leash laws, cities and municipalities can have specific laws in place.
In Montpelier, for example, letting your dog “run at large” (off the owner’s premise without a leash) is considered unlawful, and can lead to a formal warning and gradually-increasing fines—eventually resulting in a $500 fine and a meeting with the city’s Animal Control Committee.
Leash laws in
state that dogs must be “under the control” of the owner anywhere outside their property on a leash up to 6 feet in length. Any dogs running at large on public land may be impounded, which is never ideal—so be sure to follow the leash laws wherever you are to avoid any unwanted consequences!

Penalties for breaking dog laws in Vermont

As with any infringement of the law, the penalties are proportional to the magnitude of the incident.
When a pet dog in Vermont has bitten a person outside of the owner’s premises, and the person bitten required medical attention, they can file a formal complaint with the legislative body of their municipality.
The legislative body has seven days after receiving the complaint to investigate the charges and hold a hearing on the topic. The owner must be notified in writing of the time, date, and location of the hearing, as well as the details of the complaint.
If the dog bit the victim without being provoked, municipal officials will issue a protective order based on the facts and circumstances of the case. This could mean that the dog is humanely euthanized, muzzled, chained, or confined. If someone receives a notification and still fails to comply with the order, they shall face certain penalties—
found here
It’s important to obey all the laws regarding dogs in your area so you don’t have to go through this long, drawn-out process, and risk the well-being of your pet.

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