How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof?

In most cases, replacing a roof will only take one day. Factors like the condition of the roof or the weather can make the process take longer.
Written by Nick Kunze
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Updated on Apr 26, 2022
Getting your roof replaced will likely take one to three days. The weather and condition of your home will affect the total time for the repairs. 
If you need to get your roof replaced, you probably want to know how long the process will take. After all, there’ll be workers and building materials at your property, which can be a major inconvenience. 
The exact amount of time to replace a roof depends on a variety of factors, including the type of roof and the weather conditions at the time of the service. Typically, the entire process should take one to three days, but for most houses, a roof can be replaced in a single day. 
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How long does it take to replace your roof?

Reroofing an average-sized house (less than 3,000 square feet) should only take a single day of work. However, many factors can impact this timing, including the size of the house, the difficulty of the construction, and weather in the area.
For example, larger houses, complex roofs, or extreme weather can lead to longer replacement times of three to five days. In some very large homes, a roof replacement may even take a few weeks!

What factors affect how long a roof replacement will take?

Here are a few factors that can affect the length of your roof replacement:

Roof complexity

The layout and complexity of your roof have a huge impact on the length of the roofing replacement process. Roofs with many facets, different hips and valleys, or a steep incline can complicate the replacement process.
When a roof becomes more complex, the contractor will need access to a larger variety of materials and more precise workmanship. Also, steep roofs can be more dangerous, and the additional safety precautions can slow down proceedings. All of these factors can take more time—and increase the replacement cost. 

Roof size

The size of the roof will also impact the length of the replacement service. If you’ve got a standard-sized home, a single day will likely be enough. However, if you live in a large house or mansion, the timeline is likely to expand because there will simply be more roof to cover.

Roof accessibility

The ease with which a contractor can get onto your roof also impacts the length of replacement. If it is easy for a contractor to get on the roof with their supplies, the process will be significantly more streamlined.
Here are things that can make a roof less accessible:
  • Bushes or other landscaping around the house
  • Fences
  • A lack of driveway or pavement near the roof
 If any of the above make access to the roof a challenge, the contractor will likely need to move the obstacles—or find a way around them—which can add time to the replacement process.

Extent of replacement

The extent of replacement is also a major factor. If only shingles need to be replaced, this will be a quick, cosmetic fix. However, if the house has more significant structural damage beneath the shingles—like water damage or damage from an infestation—the length of repairs can be seriously extended. 


Contractors need the right conditions to replace your roof. Snow, rain, freezing air, or extreme heat will all lead to delays in your roof replacement.
If any of these weather phenomena occur, the contractors likely won’t be able to work due to safety concerns. They’ll wait until the weather changes and it is safe to return to the roof, adding days to the replacement schedule. 

Time of year

The season also impacts the speed of a roof replacement. The spring and summer months are ideal for roof replacement, as there are more hours of sunlight, giving the contractor more time per day to work. 
Plus, inclement weather, like extreme cold or snow, is less likely in the spring and summer months. Choosing to replace your roof in the winter or late fall leaves you more open to potential delays due to poor weather conditions.
Unless it’s an emergency or you don’t care about the length of the job, consider waiting for the spring and summer months to get your roof replaced.

How important is the speed of a roof replacement?

You likely want your roof redone as quickly as possible. However, prioritizing speed over quality craftsmanship can lead to serious issues down the road.
When a contractor prioritizes speed, they will often cut corners, leading to shoddy workmanship. That means your new roof won’t be built to last—a rushed roof replacement today could mean you’ll need to repeat the process in just a few years.
Allow the contractor to take the time they need to do a proper job replacing your roof. The additional hours or days of hassle will be worth it.

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