Honda HRX 217 Engine Oil Capacity

A Honda HRX 217 lawnmower takes 0.58 quarts or 18.6 ounces of 10W-30 four-stroke automotive oil. Learn more in this guide.
Written by Rachel Rigolino
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Updated on Sep 01, 2022
A Honda HRX 217 lawnmower’s oil capacity is 0.58 quarts or 18.6 ounces of 10W-30 API (service category SJ or later) four-stroke, automotive detergent oil. Unlike with a car, you won’t need an oil filter to change the oil in your mower. 
Mowing a lawn is never (usually) on anyone's list of thrilling pastimes, but a Honda HRX 217 makes the chore a bit easier. The 217’s four-stroke, air-cooled engine gets the job done easily. 
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Honda HRX 217 engine oil capacity. 

Your Honda HRX 217 oil capacity is 0.58 quarts or 18.6 ounces of 10W-30 API service category SJ or later four-stroke automotive detergent oil. 
You might be surprised to find that the Honda 6.5-hp engine takes a similar motor oil grade as your car. 
What do the numbers mean? The viscosity (thickness) of the oil when first starting an engine in cold temperatures is indicated by the first number (in this case 10). The second number (30) indicates the viscosity of the oil after your lawnmower’s engine has been running. 

What kind of oil does a Honda HRX 217 need?

The owner’s manual for the Honda HRX 217 stresses the importance of using a 4-stroke automotive detergent oil with a 10W-30 API grade. 
The guide also mentions using a motor oil that is API service category SJ or later. These include SJ, SL, SM, SN, and SN Plus (continue with the alphabet!). 
When it comes to API categories, later oils are backward compliant with older engines.
When it comes to selecting a particular brand of 10W-30 oil, you may wonder what brand to choose. Here is a list beginning with the official oil produced by Honda:

How often to change the oil in a Honda HRX 217 

The general rule of thumb is to change the oil in your lawn mower every 50 hours of run time or at least once a season.
Here are some signs that your lawn mower needs oil or may have a problem with dirty oil:
  • Rough idling
  • Smoke
  • Overheating
  • Stops operating
To prevent a problem with oil levels, use the oil dipstick to check at least every other time you mow the lawn.

How to change your oil 

Follow these steps to change the oil in your HRX 217 mower:
  • Make sure the lawn mower’s engine has warmed up.
  • Turn the fuel valve to the “off” position.
  • Clean the oil filler area, removing any debris like grass clippings.
  • Remove the oil filler cap/dipstick.
  • Place a plastic or aluminum pan in a position to catch the used oil.
  • Tilt the mower to one side so that the oil drains into the pan.
  • Allow the oil to drain completely.
  • Make sure the mower is level. Without overfilling, fill up the oil reservoir with new oil.
  • Allow the oil to settle, then check the oil level.
  • Dispose of the used motor oil responsibly. Take it to a local recycling center, service station, or oil retailer.
Pro Tip Remember to refill with four-stroke detergent oil compatible with your Honda’s engine. Using a non-detergent oil or one intended for a 2-stroke engine may cause engine damage.

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