How Much Does a Gas Fireplace Inspection Cost?

A gas fireplace inspection costs between $75 and $100 on average, and you should get one at least once a year.
Written by Patrick Price
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
A gas fireplace inspection typically costs between $75 and $100 and should be done once a year.  
Most people like the idea of having a fireplace in their home to make it feel cozier and to help warm the place up during the winter. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces, however, come with a myriad of upkeep and maintenance requirements. A convenient alternative is a gas fireplace, which only needs the occasional cleaning and an annual vent inspection (which only costs $75-$100). 
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How much does a gas fireplace inspection cost?

The cost of a gas fireplace inspection depends on the size of your fireplace, the location of your home, and how often you use your fireplace. In general, prices won’t vary nearly as much as with other types of home inspections. You can usually count on the fee landing somewhere between $75 and $100, depending on the rates of the inspection company that you use. 
If your gas fireplace is especially large, or if you use it very frequently, you could end up paying as much as $200, but prices won’t typically get much higher than that. 
A regular home inspection does include a cursory fireplace inspection. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you might need a level two inspection before selling your home—but that shouldn’t be necessary with a gas-powered fireplace. 

Do I need a gas fireplace inspection?

Gas fireplaces require far less maintenance than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Most of the required upkeep can be accomplished with an occasional clearing—just shut off the fireplace and the pilot light, sweep out any debris, and then wipe the soot off of the various surfaces. 
However, since a gas fireplace does produce real fire, it needs to have a ventilation system to prevent the buildup of dangerous gases. The vent in your fireplace is what needs to be inspected and cleaned once a year. Beyond that, you should only need a gas fireplace inspection before selling your house. 

Gas fireplace repair costs

So, what happens if your gas fireplace inspection uncovers more than just soot and grime? What if it turns out that there is actually some real damage to your fireplace? 
The cost of repairing a gas fireplace varies depending on what exactly the issue is. In general, you can expect the price to land somewhere between $200 and $1,000. Small projects like fixing/replacing the pilot light, replacing the thermocouple, or having a new thermopile installed will usually only cost $200-$300
If there is serious structural damage to the fireplace, on the other hand, you could be looking at a bill ranging from $800 to $1,000
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The best companies for a gas fireplace inspection

As is the case with many inspection services, the best companies for a gas fireplace inspection are usually the local contracting companies. Often, your best bet is to do a web search for gas fireplace inspections in your area—and then vet and check the online reviews for the companies you find. 
There are a few widespread inspection companies that you can use as well.
Four Day Fireplace
Kozy Heat Fireplaces
are a few well-respected companies that can provide a gas fireplace inspection for you. 

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