What Does the Engine Code P2237 Mean?

The P2237 engine code means there is a problem with your oxygen sensor system.
Written by Olivia Rose
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
If your car is showing the P2237 engine code, you probably have a faulty oxygen sensor. Your issue could be with the sensor itself, the harness, or the electrical circuit. 
Mechanics use an OBD-II code reader to read diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from your car’s engine. If you have one of these readers, you can save yourself the time and money of having a mechanic read your engine for DTCs. 
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What does the engine code P2237 mean? 

Definition: Oxygen sensor positive control circuit open bank 1 sensor 1
The P2237 engine code signals an issue with your oxygen sensor
Your engine needs a certain air-fuel ratio to operate properly. The front oxygen sensor (O2 sensor one) is responsible for detecting the amount of oxygen in the air outside compared to the oxygen in your exhaust gas. This helps ensure an ideal air-fuel ratio. 

How much will it cost to fix it? 

Replacing your oxygen sensor
will run you about $200 to $500 for parts and labor. If you’re deft at
car repairs
, you can save a few hundred dollars in labor by doing the job yourself. 
The cost to diagnose an issue with your oxygen sensor will be one hour of labor—or about $75 to $150. 

What can cause the P2237 engine code?

An issue with your oxygen sensor or its related elements can cause the P2237 engine code. Here are the main causes of this engine code: 
  • Faulty oxygen sensor
  • Oxygen sensor harness is shorted or open
  • Oxygen sensor circuit has a poor electrical connection

Common symptoms of the P2237 engine code

If your car is showing the P2237 code, you have an issue with your oxygen sensor. Here are some of the symptoms of a faulty oxygen sensor: 

How serious is the P2237 engine code? 

If your engine is showing the P2237 code, you should have it fixed immediately. A bad oxygen sensor system can put significant
wear and tear
on your vehicle and can damage your engine significantly. 

Can I fix the P2237 engine code myself? 

Your oxygen sensor should be replaced every 60,000 to 90,000 miles, as it’s prone to wear out periodically. 
The oxygen sensor lives by your vehicle’s exhaust system, so you may need to go under the car to access it. This makes the job trickier—but if you’re up for the challenge, you can follow these steps:
  • Ensure your car is completely cooled before beginning (your exhaust system gets very hot while your engine runs)
  • Locate your vehicle’s exhaust system and oxygen sensor
  • Jack up the vehicle if necessary 
  • Disconnect the oxygen sensor from the electrical connection
  • Remove oxygen sensor using a ratchet wrench
  • Install new oxygen sensor
  • Plug electrical connection back into oxygen sensor
  • Run your car to ensure proper installment

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