What is a power steering fluid service?

During this service, the mechanic will check and change the fluid in your power steering hydraulic system if it is contaminated with metals. They will also check the hoses, fittings, and clamps in your power steering system for leaks if the fluid level is low.
A power steering fluid service can cost between $111 and $178, depending on the car you drive and the auto shop you go to.

How to replace power steering fluid

Replacing the power steering fluid is relatively cheap and easy but must be done right. Your mechanic will consult your vehicle’s service manual for the correct type and quantity of power steering fluid before performing the following steps:
  • Drain the power steering reservoir
  • Fill the correct type and quantity of new fluid detailed in the service manual
  • Bleed the power steering system and clean any remaining fluid
  • Test the power steering for ease of operation
  • Check the power steering system for any leaks
You can check and add power steering fluid at home, but pouring the wrong fluid or overfilling the system can cause expensive damage.

When do I need to replace my power steering fluid?

Changing your power steering fluid is a regular part of scheduled maintenance services, but you should consider getting a power steering flush every three to four years to ensure extended service life.
Take your car to a mechanic before scheduled maintenance if your power steering pump is groaning, you have difficulty turning the steering wheel, or notice the fluid is brown or black.

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