What Is the Smallest Ford SUV?

The Ford Escape consistently ranks as Ford’s most popular SUV, but it isn’t the smallest Ford SUV on the market today.
Written by Brad Marley
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
With a total length of 161.3 inches, the EcoSport is the smallest Ford SUV. Even though it’s tiny, Ford makes a few other SUVs that are barely larger.
Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to SUVs. Sometimes you just want something that’s going to be nice and cozy. And if you are worried about gas prices, the small options are more fuel efficient. So, unless you have a large family or a lot of stuff to carry, a smaller SUV might be the way to go.
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What is the smallest SUV Ford makes?

The smallest SUV Ford makes is the
Ford EcoSport
, a subcompact SUV that has been sold since 2003. The model was discontinued in the U.S. in mid-2022.
Standing 61.4 inches tall and 161.3 inches long, the EcoSport was built for the demands of an international audience—but that was eventually its downfall. While lauded for its agility and tow rating (for its size), it could never overcome the fact it isn't very fuel-efficient and doesn’t ride well. 
The cargo space is on par with other cars in its segment, measuring 21 cubic feet or up to 50 with the rear seats folded down. But there are definitely areas where it struggles. 
The fuel economy is notoriously lousy, which you wouldn’t expect from a small SUV. And the ride istoo bumpy and choppy to ignore. Maybe you would expect a rough ride in a pickup truck but not in a small SUV. 

Other small Ford SUVs

The EcoSport is listed as the smallest SUV Ford offers, but there are others to choose from within the Ford family. To give you a sense of what’s available, here’s every small-ish Ford SUV on the market.

Smallest: 2022 Ford EcoSport

Starting price: $22,040
Wheelbase: 99.2 inches
Seating capacity: Five
Nice agility and handling give this small SUV an edge over other small SUVs, but poor fuel economy and a rough ride don’t do it any favors.

Small: 2022 Ford Bronco

Starting price: $31,300
Wheelbase: 100.4 inches
Seating capacity: Five
Ford Bronco
is a popular small SUV that seems to ride larger than it is. You can configure it depending on what you want it to do, and it handles better than its main competitor, the
Jeep Wrangler
The few knocks against the Bronco include cabin materials that look cheap and a V6 that doesn’t exactly sound like a V6. But those are relatively small potatoes, especially when considering its cool factor. 
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Small-ish: 2022 Ford Escape

Starting price: $28,660
Wheelbase: 106.7 inches
Seating capacity: Five
Ford Escape
is, perhaps, the most popular SUV Ford has in its lineup, regardless of size. It has everything you desire in an SUV: a range of available powertrains, friendly styling, and standard driver-assistance features
It’s not going to knock your socks off with its design and capabilities, but that’s what the larger SUVs are for, right?
Ford Escape Hybrid
is also available. It’s extremely fuel-efficient with roomy seating space. If you want something that will sip gas and doesn’t sit too large, check it out.

The best alternatives to Ford’s smallest SUV 

If the EcoSport doesn’t tickle your fancy, then the Escape is probably the best small-ish crossover SUV you can buy from Ford. But there are a few other carmakers’ subcompact SUVs that give Ford a run for its money, like the
Chevrolet Trailblazer
Honda HR-V
, and the
Hyundai Venue

Sleek and stylish: 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer 

The 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer is a stylish but underpowered SUV that starts around $19,000.
It pulls design from the Chevrolet Camaro and it’s about as nimble as a Camaro could be if it was turned into a compact SUV. There’s a lot of nice technology inside, too.

Practicality defined: 2021 Honda HR-V

If you want a vehicle that is going to haul cargo like a champ, the Honda HR-V is yours for the taking, starting at a reasonable price of $22,445. It’s the smallest vehicle in the brand’s North American lineup, and it continues the tradition of offering solid practicality to those who want a small SUV. 
The car itself is well built, even though it leaves some upscale design to be desired. And it doesn’t accelerate as quickly as you would want out of a small car. But it has enough creature comforts inside to satisfy most drivers.
All-wheel drive is not an option for this vehicle, and you’re not going to win any road races with its four-cylinder engine. But a fuel-efficient powertrain helps out at the pump, and that has to count for something nowadays.
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A bit of spunk: 2021 Hyundai Venue

This car is a bargain, checking in at $19,935 for the base model. Unfortunately, the price matches the vehicle, so you’re getting what you pay for. By that, we mean… not much.
Sure, it’s a great value because it comes with more passenger space than you’d guess and a more comfortable interior than some of its rivals. But on the highway, it goes through fits to really get moving, and it’s missing a lot of options that make other SUVs more desirable. 

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