Does AAA Have a Grace Period for Missed Payments?

Except in states where grace periods are mandated by law, AAA does not offer grace periods for missed car insurance payments.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Pat Roache

Does AAA have a grace period for late payments?

does not offer grace periods for missed payments unless you live in a state where grace periods are mandated by law. Where AAA grace periods are mandatory, they typically last up to 30 days depending on the state.
Here’s a rundown of how AAA handles late car insurance payments:
When grace periods are mandatory: If you live in a state where grace periods are mandated by law, you will be able to pay your missed or late payment within the grace period set out by your state. For example, Florida mandates 30-day car insurance grace periods, so AAA policyholders in Florida are granted grace periods of 30 days per applicable law.
When grace periods are not mandatory: If you fail to make a AAA car insurance payment by your bill’s due date and you live in a state that does not mandate grace periods, AAA will send you a notice of cancellation before terminating your car insurance policy.

Does AAA accept late payments?

AAA accepts late payments in states that mandate grace periods. The exact length of these grace periods vary by state. 
If you live in a state that does not require car insurance grace periods and you miss a AAA payment, your policy may get canceled. It’s likely that AAA will send you a nonpayment cancellation letter that includes a final date to make your payment and keep your policy active. If you fail to make a payment by your policy’s final due date, your coverage will likely be canceled. 

What if I get into an accident with a missed payment?

AAA policyholders who live in states with mandated grace periods will have car insurance coverage during the grace period. If you get into an accident during your grace period, you will still have coverage and can submit a claim to AAA for reimbursement. 
With this said, if you miss a AAA car insurance payment, get into an accident after your premium due date, and live in a state that does not legally require grace periods, you will likely still have coverage to make a claim for the accident—as long as the final payment outlined in your cancellation letter has not yet passed.
Regardless if AAA offers grace periods in your state, insurance providers are usually legally required to provide written notice at least 30 days before canceling a policy. During that 30 day timeframe, all coverage is still valid even if the policy is up for termination due to nonpayment.

If you missed your AAA payment

If you live in a state with mandated grace periods, you will be able to make a late payment within the timeframe laid out by your state’s laws. 
By phone: Call 1-800-924-6141 to process a phone payment to AAA or update your billing information.
Online: Log into your AAA account at and use the online payment portal to complete your missed payment with a credit card.
By mail: Mail your payment to AAA, P.O. Box 25001, Santa Ana, CA 92799-5001
If you choose to make your payment by mail, be sure that the check is postmarked on or before the cancellation date listed on your cancellation notice. If the postmark is dated after your final due date, it could lead to a canceled policy and a coverage lapse.
Setting up payment reminders is a great way to avoid missing future payments. For example, the
app offers payment reminders to help you keep track of your bill’s due date and plan for your car insurance expenses.

What if I’m enrolled in autopay?

If you are enrolled in autopay with AAA and your payment fails to process, AAA will send you a notice of cancellation. 
If you are aware that your automatic car insurance payment may fail to go through due to insufficient funds, it’s best to reach out to your AAA club before your bill’s due date. Explain your situation and request a payment extension to avoid a cancellation and coverage lapse.

Will a missed payment affect my credit score?

Your credit score will likely be unaffected by a late car insurance payment. However, if you fail to pay your car insurance bill and AAA sends it to a debt collection agency, it could appear on your credit report and lower your credit score. Unfortunately, a lower credit score can lead to 
higher insurance rates
, so it’s best to pay your premium on time or within your grace period.

If AAA cancels your policy

If your AAA policy is canceled due to a missed payment, you will be in
a coverage lapse
. Your best option is to contact AAA immediately to reactivate your coverage and avoid higher car insurance rates in the long run. 
Request a Policy Reinstatement
Connect with your AAA insurance agent to request a policy reinstatement. In some cases, AAA will restore your coverage if you are able to make a payment, although you may be required to pay a higher rate due to your coverage lapse. Beware that you may be ineligible for reinstatement.
Shop for Same-Day Coverage
If AAA denies your reinstatement or offers you a much higher rate to get your coverage back, your wisest option is to shop for same-day coverage from a new insurer. Compare quotes from multiple different providers to find the best rates for your coverage needs and driver profile, and be sure to seek quotes from 
smaller insurers
 and companies that specialize in 
coverage for high-risk drivers
app screenshot
app is a useful tool for securing same-day coverage. Jerry can connect you with quotes from various insurance providers, show you exactly how much it costs to start a new policy, and, in most cases, activate your policy within a day.

If you’re having trouble making payments 

Keeping up with your AAA insurance payments
because your rates are too high
can be tricky. Luckily, there are a couple things you can do to prevent a coverage lapse going forward.
Contact AAA to ask about postponing your payments if you fulfill your premiums on a monthly basis. While you may not be eligible, discussing your options with an insurance agent is better than missing your payment and letting your coverage lapse.
We’d never recommend dropping coverage, but making adjustments to things like policy deductibles can lower your premiums significantly.
AAA members get tons of perks, but your AAA car insurance rate may not be the lowest rate available to you. If a cheaper policy will help you stay on track with your payments, compare
car insurance quotes
from at least three to five other car insurance companies to uncover a lower rate.
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Can I pay my AAA insurance late?

If you live in a state that mandates car insurance grace periods, you will have a grace period to pay your AAA car insurance premium late. If your state does not require grace periods from auto insurance companies, you will not be able to pay your AAA insurance late because AAA does not generally offer grace periods. 
If your AAA car insurance payment is late in a state that does not mandate grace periods, AAA will send you a notice of cancellation and subsequently cancel your policy.

Does AAA have a grace period for new car insurance?

Depending on the type of policy, AAA offers a 14- to 30-day grace period for new vehicles under existing AAA policies. 

Will AAA cancel my insurance for a late payment? 

AAA will cancel your insurance if you are late to make a payment and you live in a state that does not legally require grace periods. AAA does not offer grace periods unless they are mandated by state law, so your policy will be canceled for nonpayment if you do not pay your premium by the due date. 

How do I cancel a pending payment on AAA?

To cancel a pending payment on AAA, you can log into your account, select “cancel” for the pending payment. Once you’ve canceled the pending transaction, you can schedule a new payment. 

Will I lose my AAA membership if I miss a payment?

AAA typically offers a renewal grace period for memberships. In most cases, members have 90 days from their renewal date to cover their AAA membership premium. 

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