Don't Buy a 2021 Land Rover Discovery if You Really Need the Back Seats

The 2021 Land Rover Discovery isn’t a bad choice overall, but the third row seating doesn’t offer much space. Should you look elsewhere?
Written by Amanda Lien
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
A 2021 Land Rover Discovery driving down a road.
Consumer Reports, the nonprofit consumer organization dedicated to independent product testing, is a fan of many design elements included in the new 2021 Land Rover Discovery. But the back seats are not included in that list.
In fact, while their review had plenty of positive things to say about the overall experience of driving the 2021 Land Rover Discovery, they devoted two paragraphs to their dislike of the second- and third-row back seats that come standard in the
luxury SUV

Lack of legroom in the 2021 Land Rover Discovery

Consumer Reports
writes that, while there is technically enough headroom and cabin width in the 2021 Land Rover Discovery for three adults to fit in the second row. However, the low seat lacks thigh support, forcing adults to sit with their knees high in the air. 
Contrasted with the driver and front passenger seats, which are big, firm, and upright, the second-row riding experience is a bit of a letdown.
The narrow passageway back to the third row poses the same problem. The 2021 Discovery’s combination power tilt-and-manual seat maneuvering needed to access that back row is not only clunky and awkward, but also not conducive to the size of a grown adult.
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Other design concerns

Not only is getting back to that third row a slow process, but it’s also an awkward one. Consumer Reports writes that first, passengers have to press a button and wait for the second-row seatback to tilt forward, before manually shoving the whole assembly forward to gain access to the narrow path to the third row. 
Some of the 2021 Land Rover Discovery’s competitors do this with a lot more ease. It is also clear that the third row is designed for children to access; the third row seating is just as low-mounted as the second, and that access path is incredibly uncomfortable for any normal-sized adult to make good use of.

Not all bad for the 2021 Land Rover Discovery

While Consumer Reports dinged the 2021 Land Rover Discovery for its second- and third-row seats, there are some perks built into this vehicle. Once those less-than-desirable seats are folded down, drivers will find an expansive cargo area that is quite the draw for those who want a lot of space to tote things that aren’t passengers.
Additionally, accessing the vehicle itself has been made simpler due to the Discovery’s optional electronic air suspension. Consumer Reports writes that the Discovery lowers itself about a half-inch every time the ignition is shut off, and lowers another inch when a door is open, making cabin access easy and quick.
Finally, as Consumer Reports notes, your ride in the 2021 Land Rover Discovery will be extremely quiet thanks to that optional air suspension. It absorbs bumps and ruts with ease, and can even take the shock of nasty potholes or road dips. Exterior noises are also totally shut out, which allows for a near-silent driving experience.
If you’re looking for a vehicle to offer you three rows of fully-functional seating, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery is likely not the vehicle for you. However, if you’re looking for cargo space galore and a silent, smooth ride, there’s plenty here to love.
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