How to Disable the Toyota Prius Reverse Beep

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Whether you already own or are looking to buy a Toyota Prius, a matter of concern to many drivers is the loud beeping that happens when you put the car in reverse. While this is a safety feature that reminds drivers they will go backwards upon acceleration, the noise has a nails-on-chalkboard effect on those with sensitive ears. Fortunately for such individuals, it’s possible to disable the reverse beep on Generation 1 and Generation 2 Prius vehicles.
Method 1 describes how to disable reverse beep on Generation 1 models, or those manufactured in or before 2009. Method 2 covers switching the regular reverse beep to a single beep in Generation 2 Prius models, or those manufactured in or after 2010. Please note that there is no means to turn reverse beep off in Generation 1 models manufactured in the United Kingdom or completely off in Generation 2 models.

How to turn off reverse beep in the Generation 1 Prius

Step 1: Start the engine. Push the brake as you depress the red Start/Stop button to fire up the engine. Once the Prius is running, you can let off the brake.
Step 2: Push the Trip/Odometer button on the dashboard. You may have to depress the button up to three times until you see the letters “ODO” displayed.
Step 3: Restart your Prius. Depress and hold the brake pedal, push the Start/Stop button to turn the engine off, and then push the Start/Stop button again to turn the engine back on.
Step 4: Bring up the reverse beep control. Push and hold the Trip/Odometer button, place your Prius in reverse, and then press Park.
Release the Trip/Odometer button, then tap it again. This causes “b on” to display on the dashboard, indicating reverse beep is on.
Step 5: Turn reverse beep off. To disable reverse beep, simply press the Trip/Odometer button one last time, bringing up the text “b off.”
Stop the engine, and you will no longer hear a reverse beep in future trips.

How to turn off reverse beep in the Generation 2 Prius

Step 1: Gather your tools. To disable reverse beep in a Generation 2 Prius, you need a smart phone, OBD2 Bluetooth adapter, and the premium (paid) version of the Carista OBD2 app installed on your phone.
Step 2: Connect your smartphone to your Prius. Securely plug the OBD2 adapter into the port located in the upper left of your brake pedal.
Then, enable Bluetooth on your phone, and choose to connect with the OBD2 adapter.
Step 3: Access the Carista app to customize your Prius settings. Open the Carista app, and select the option to Customize.
Press Instruments/Display/Dings and then Reverse-Gear Beep.
Lastly, select the option to Beep Once.
While it may sound like a bit of hassle to disable or adjust the reverse beep in a Toyota Prius, each process is simpler than it may initially appear. If you fail on the first try, your timing may have been off. Try again, and you may be successful.
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