This Step Will Help Accelerate the Future of Electric Cars

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
Lots of exciting new changes have been happening in the
electric vehicle
(EV) space. You might have been shopping around for a
new car
and noticed recent announcements about electric cars.
Many states have now announced plans that will encourage the use of electric vehicles, and the proposed Electric Vehicle Freedom Act can give another boost to the growing electric car market.
So how will the proposed Act and other government initiatives help with encouraging people to buy electric cars?
Electric cars are slowly taking over the automotive landscape | Twenty20

Who is pushing for electric vehicles?

As reported by
, the Biden administration has promised to spend a large sum of money on electric vehicle infrastructure. Recently, Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Andy Levin pushed this further by proposing the Electric Vehicle Freedom Act.
This shows how some members of the U.S. government are dedicated to encouraging more electric car use in the future. EVs have a reputation for being better for the environment. These steps that the government and car manufacturers are taking will hopefully reduce our dependence on non-renewable fuel sources.
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How will the Electric Vehicle Freedom Act work?

The most important part of this Act is its focus on making electric car charging accessible and affordable. The Act hopes to build thousands of electric vehicle charging stations around America within five years. It also aims to give more
tax breaks for electric vehicles
compared to gas-powered.
President Biden has already promised $15 billion towards promoting an electric future, but the new act would require billions more. It is a big cost, but Representatives like Ocasio-Cortez and Levin stress it is a small price to pay if it helps to combat climate change.

What other changes will encourage people to buy electric cars?

Laws that will ban the sale of new gas cars in states like California, Washington, and New Jersey are already in the works. Legislation like the Electric Vehicle Freedom Act will work hand-in-hand with these existing initiatives to make the switch to green cars easier for consumers.
Cheaper insurance for green vehicles
can be another big part of encouraging people to drive electric cars. Right now, driving an electric vehicle that needs charging is not the easiest or the most convenient. Making chargers accessible and reducing the cost of electric vehicles is a good step toward a greener future.
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