Why Do People Like Loud Cars?

Andrew Koole
· 3 min read
You’ve heard the deafening sound of a loud car with a modified muffler before. It’s shocked you awake or shot your pedestrian palms over your ears during a stroll down the sidewalk.
You probably threw a curse word toward the obnoxious Fast & Furious fan, knowing they had no way of hearing you but needing to let out your anger anyway.
Why do people do this to their cars? It’s a question most people ask but don’t expect to have answered. Luckily, James Greig of
actually went to the source for an explanation, and it’s not as irritating as you might imagine.
Almost every car can be modified to be louder.

Reasons to make a car louder

While there are the few bad apples who truly enjoy upsetting their neighbors, for the most part, there’s more to the noise made by an engine than juvenile hijinks.
The key to understanding the purpose of a noisy engine is learning how they get so loud in the first place. The excruciating sound comes from the car’s exhaust system. Certain types of mufflers and exhaust tips amplify the sound of an engine but also make the car more powerful.
Sound isn’t just a byproduct for everyone. According to Vice, the sound of an engine is part of the enjoyment of it for many car lovers. It’s used as a signal to other modifiers of driver’s craftsmanship and loyalty to their subculture.
But many people who own these cars understand that their love of a roaring engine isn’t shared by everyone and try their best to keep the noise down while riding through residential communities.
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Other misunderstood aspects of the car-loving community

If you’ve ever felt like an outsider at a car show, you’ve probably seen people performing activities that didn’t make that much sense to you.
Not every car person is the same, and some of the things they do together, be it pumping the bass from their gigantic subwoofers or lifting their lowriders with hydraulics systems, help differentiate one group from another.
But one thing that brings them all together is the engine of a beautiful car. Whether they own a mint-condition classic or a souped-up Civic, no gearhead can pass a popped hood.
To the untrained eye, little can be learned by looking at the incoherent grouping of chrome and hoses, but to those in the know, every part can communicate the owner’s unique take on the automobile.

How to join a car-loving community

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From four-wheelers, lowriders, and hotrods to brand-specific devotees, every type of car has its family of admirers. Joining these groups can be intimidating at first. But more often than not, the only thing you need to be included is your enthusiasm.
Most car lovers are keen to evangelize about the unique qualities of their specific type of car, but to really confirm your spot in the club, you’ll want to find your own wheels.
Buying a specialty car can get expensive, depending on the make, model, and how much restoration and/or modification you plan to do, but if you choose a classic,
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