This Kid Mechanic Knows More About Cars Than You Do

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Andrew Koole
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Back in the day, owning a car meant you likely knew a thing or two about how it worked. You could probably fix and replace a few parts or at least
change your oil
on your own. Cars were built so
owners could maintain them
, and so we did.
Today, even if you know how to change a headlight or replace a spark plug, automakers have designed engines and their cavities to make it nearly impossible for owners to do the most basic tasks themselves. As a result, most people bring their car to a garage for any work that needs to be done.
Not so for Giuseppe. The 10-year-old from Pennsylvania started posting videos on
two years ago, covering everything from how a clutch works to updates on the restoration of a ‘74 Porsche 914. For someone who can’t legally drive a car yet, he sure knows a lot about them.
Some kids just have a knack for certain things.

What can Giuseppe do?

In August,
Popular Mechanics
published an article hailing Giuseppe as "the next great gearhead." Give a quick scroll through his YouTube channel,
Giuseppe’s Garage
, and you’ll see why.
Videos highlight restoration jobs coming to his dad’s garage but also provide info for car owners who want to understand more about how their cars work. The kid’s depth of knowledge is impressive.
Beyond knowing how cars work, Giuseppe isn’t afraid to get his hands greasy. Some videos show him working, changing brake pads, or pulling apart
Jeep Cherokees
as his dad holds the camera. You can’t help but laugh as he pops a wheel off that almost comes up to his neck!

What classic cars has Giuseppe worked on?

Giuseppe and his dad have worked on some impressive models. One look at the kinds of cars rolling into their garage, and you’ll understand what inspired Giuseppe’s mission to "shape the next generation of gearheads."
Besides the Porsche mentioned earlier, the pair have also got their hands on a wide range of machines, from a 1948 Ford Super Deluxe to a 2020
Chevy Corvette
. Plenty of German-made models roll into the garage as well. It makes you wonder what they could do with an
old Honda
But Giuseppe’s channel isn’t all work and no play. He and his parents have captured a few rides in some classic cars like a ‘54 Fiat 4000 and a ‘70 BMW 2002 rally car. Dad clearly isn’t afraid to rip around in the video of the latter vehicle. Looks like fun!

Learning more about your car while staying safe

If Giuseppe’s chops have inspired you to find out more about your car, there are plenty of resources online and on YouTube specifically. The best way to learn is to pull the socket wrench out and try, but for major repairs and modifications, you should probably consult a professional.
And this should go without saying, but if your children are interested in cars, make sure to supervise them at all times while they’re around vehicles and the tools used for fixing them. Even a kid like Giuseppe, with his know-how and experience, can easily get hurt around a car.
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