Jay Leno: How Many Cars are in His Garage?

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Carlos Kirby
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 4 min read
Jay Leno is synonymous with The Tonight Show, having hosted one of America's premier TV shows for 17 years. Apart from his love for TV, Leno also has a deep affection for cars, and you'll be surprised to find out how many automobiles the talk-show veteran has. From modern luxury cars to some hard-to-see
classic cars
, his collection is one of the most expensive.
With so many cars (of different eras) under his name, it is a no-brainer that he has experienced how each ride feels. He boasts an extensive knowledge of cars than most historians, and he is proud to share insights into various models
through his car show
, which he started hosting a few years back. 
You’ve heard of Jay Leno’s garage, but how many cars does he have exactly?

The extensive car collection of Jay Leno

According to
Motor Biscuit
, Jay Leno's garage comprises 286 vehicles (169 cars and 117 motorbikes). He purchased his first car in 1964 at the age of 14. However, he became focused on building a car collection after he obtained his drivers license. Since then, he has managed to buy a wide range of vehicles of wide-ranging brands and models. 
You can bet that he's driven virtually all makes and models of cars, and one of the most coveted and highly valued models in his garage is the 1963 Chrysler Turbine. He also has steam cars, chronicled by the 1952 Doble E-20. Besides, he boasts electric vehicles. Three are classic cars from the early 1900s, including the Baker Electric and a customized Detroit Electric.
Jay Leno's entire car collection is housed in his custom garage called The Big Dog Garage, located near the Burbank Airport. In 2015, he began hosting CNBC's Jay Leno's Garage, an online series inspired by his deep love for motor-powered wheeled machines.

How much is Jay Leno's car collection worth?

Jay Leno's car fleet is valued at over $50 million, as noted in
DuPont Registry
. Considering he owns some rare surviving models, the value might spike in the future since he's still doing multiple restorations on those cars. He has an in-house team of master coachbuilders who are always engrossed in restoring classics.
For someone's who declared he never used his NBC money, you might be wondering how much he is worth. His net worth stands at $450 million. If you also factor in his collection of properties and financial investment, he'll be worth over half a billion dollars. 

Making a career of both comedy and cars

Born in New Rochelle, NY, on April 28, 1950, James Douglas Muir Leno is a household name in America. For 22 seasons, he graced fans with hilarious yet constructive topics in NBC's The Tonight Show. He began stand-up comedy while studying at Emerson College, New Rochelle, NY, where he nurtured his talent and earned a living. 
In 1970, comedian Jay Leno moved to Los Angeles, CA, to start a career in television media. He was able to write for various television shows, and in 1987, he managed to become a guest host on The Tonight Show. Following the departure of the then host, Johnny Carson, it was apparent that NBC would turn to Leno to take over as the primary host. 
He stepped down in 2009 to start a prime-time show, although he returned to The Tonight Show for an additional four years. Reports indicate that Jay Leno never spent the money he made from The Tonight Show and instead used proceeds from stand-up routines. Perhaps he was saving to purchase even more cars. 
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