Affordable Holiday Gifts for Car Maintenance

Jane Lu
· 4 min read
The holiday season is underway, and that means gift buying is on the agenda. If you're unsure about what to get your friends and family this year, consider some
car maintenance
options that will help them keep their vehicles on the road. A safe car to drive in throughout the holidays and thereafter is a great gift for anyone. 
There are plenty of affordable options out there. You don't have to spend a ton of money on something extravagant. Some of the smallest items can make a big difference for a vehicle to keep it in good shape and limit car repairs down the road. Here are a few choices.
There are a lot of great gift options for the car enthusiast in your life.

Car cleaning kit

Many people think car cleaning is nothing more than for looks. Though it does enhance the vehicle's aesthetic, it's beneficial for the overall maintenance of the car as well. Let all the salt and grime build up on the undercarriage of your car during the winter, and you may experience poor driving quality and parts that wear down quickly.
You can purchase a car cleaning kit as a gift this Christmas. Armor has an eight-item kit for under $50 that provides various cleaning products. You can find this on
You could spend the same amount on a set that provides microfiber cloths, a wash mitt, duster, and other tools that are safe to use on vehicles. Smaller sets are also available if you're looking for something even more affordable. 
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Window cleaner

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Clean windows are necessary for safe driving.
understands how tough it can be to get a streak-free shine on your windshield. Those streaks can blind you when the sun shines through, and make it difficult to see clearly on any other day. A tough window cleaner makes a great gift for this reason. 
Invisible Glass glass cleaner says it's streak-free, guaranteed. You can get a three-pack of the stuff off
for under $17. It's an affordable gift that will last a while, and make a big difference for visibility on the road.

Tire pressure gauge

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. As the cold air sets in, it's wise to check your tires and see if they need to get refilled. Gift your family and friends each a tire pressure gauge so they can easily check it themselves.
This way, they won’t have to stop in at a gas station just to check whether the tires need refilling. The traditional gauge will cost you just a few dollars, while a digital version may run about $25 or so, depending on the brand you buy. 

What car maintenance items would you use?

Think about the items you, yourself, would use for your vehicle. Would you really buy that cheap dollar store gas treatment? Consider the products you'd use yourself and gift the same thing to others. You know it would be effective and worthwhile, making it an ideal present.
It's great to find something affordable and low-cost, but some truly cheap products can be detrimental to your car's well-being. Buy some of the maintenance products you use regularly, like Sea Foam motor treatment, antifreeze, or even a portable tire inflator. A basic inflator is under $50.
These car maintenance options can make great gifts for anyone who drives. As a secondary gift, let your friends and family know about the difference
can make in their lives. Jerry compares rates from 50 top providers to get you the best price on the car insurance you need. Saving money is always a great gift.

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