5 Best Dashcams for 2021

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Andrew Koole
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 5 min read
There are a lot of reasons to buy a
. YouTubers, rideshare drivers, and car lovers of all types shop for cameras that suit their specific needs, whether to impress their fans on TikTok,
keep themselves safe
while on the job, or to record info for potential insurance claims.
If you’re buying your first dashcam, today’s list of features can be overwhelming. Do you really need front and rear recording, 4K resolution, and WIFI connection? Should you spend $500 or will an $80 camera do just fine?
With such a wide range of prices and capabilities, it’s impossible to name the ultimate dashcam, but we’ve identified five specific roles with the camera(s) that will get the job done best.
Investing in a dashcam can save you from a huge insurance headache.

Best fully-loaded dashcam - Thinkware U1000

Like most gadgets today, dashcams are increasing their capabilities. If you’re willing to pay for it, you can find 4K resolution, cloud storage, and motion sensors that guard your car while you’re away.
The Thinkware U1000 has it all—for a wince-able $500. Not everyone needs a dashcam at this price point, but if you want to upload trips in your Ferrari to the cloud to show off on TikTok, this two-channel, WiFi-connected system is for you.
If connected to in-car WiFi and the camera’s smartphone app, the Thinkware U1000 can also provide some of the driver-assist tech being installed in new vehicles these days. Not bad for a sleek, discrete piece of hardware.
Even at the top of the dashcam food chain, there are a couple of drawbacks to choosing the Thinkware U1000.
Dash Cam Talk
says insurance agencies with older computer software might be unable to accept such high-quality video.
And the U1000’s luxury features, while all there, aren’t necessarily the best on the market. The VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K offers better video quality, and if you want the best internet connectivity, the Blackvue DR750-2CH LTE has the fastest, most in-depth WiFi features.

Best system with a screen - Street Guardian SG9663DR

One thing the U1000 does not have is a viewing screen. For anyone using their dashcam system for increased visibility while driving, this is a must-have feature.
If you want a high-quality dashcam with a viewing screen, the Street Guardian SG9663DR is the package for you. While it doesn’t offer quite the resolution of the cameras referenced above, its 1080p video quality is still very good. Best of all, its unique remote lenses allow you to keep the main unit anywhere you want in the vehicle.
The only major inconvenience with the SG9663DR, besides the $300 price tag, is that it only comes with a hardwire kit, so if you want to plug it into a power source in your car, you’ll have to purchase a separate adapter.

Best rideshare camera - VIOFO A129 Duo IR

Rideshare drivers have unique needs for a dashcam, like reliable parking features, excellent night vision, and a thorough view of their car’s interior. The best system with all that is the VIOFO A129 Duo IR.
The A129 Duo IR’s three parking modes are what really set it apart. While you’re collecting passengers or picking up orders, the dashcam system will detect and record movement around your vehicle. Its Time Lapse and Low Bitrate modes can also continuously record in low frames and mini file sizes.
The system’s two cameras capture the front and interior of your car, with a 140° front view and a 160° view inside. Their resolution is a decent 1080p and infrared light gives you a clear picture for night-time footage. On top of that, GPS tracking and high-temperature resistant materials allow you to stay safe in all locations and weather conditions.

Best camera under $100 - 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S, AUKEY DRA5 Mini

You can find some dashcams for dirt cheap (we’re talking less than $50), but just like anything else, saving money doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the most value. Still, two decent options for $100 or less are the 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S and the AUKEY DRA5 Mini.
The 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S manages to offer front and rear views for $100. The main thing lacking is a capacitor—it runs off a 500mAh battery instead.
The AUKEY DRA5 Mini offers a capacitor, a viewing screen, and 1080p resolution for only $40. It only has one camera view, though, so any events behind you will be missed.

Best choice for collecting insurance info - The Mini 0906

There are a lot of fancy options for dashcams, but if you’re just looking for a reliable system for collecting insurance information, all you need is two cameras with decent video quality that are powered through a capacitor.
The Mini 0906 offers all that at a reasonable $130. It also comes with GPS and a Timelapse parking mode, making it an excellent upgrade from the -$100 category. All in all, it’s the best choice for anyone buying a dashcam simply for insurance purposes.
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