San Bernardino Property Tax

San Bernardino County residents can expect to pay around $1,997 a year in property taxes, which is a rate of around 0.63%.
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Homeowners in San Bernardino County pay less in property taxes than other residents of
on average. The typical single-family home in the county will pay around $1,997 a year in property taxes at a rate of 0.63%. As compared with the state average of 0.74%, living in this area could save you a lot of money in the long run.
Property taxes can be a significant factor in the finances of homeownership. So if you live in San Bernardino County or are considering a move to the area, it’s important to know everything about the property taxes you may encounter.
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will help break down how property tax is determined, how it changes, what it pays for, and when you need to pay them. Read on to find out everything you’ll need to know when it comes to property taxes in San Bernardino County.
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Property tax 101

California state law requires that all real estate property be taxed. One of the most significant categories under that law is personal property, or your home and the land your home sits on. If you are a homeowner in California, you will have to pay property tax.
The government uses the money from the taxation of personal property to fund the budgets of the state and local governments.
There are a few exceptions to property taxation. For example, government buildings such as public schools and firehouses, religious institutions, and some non-profit businesses may not have to pay tax under state and federal law.

What is the property tax rate in San Bernardino County?

The average property tax rate across San Bernardino County is 0.63%, which is lower than the state average of 0.74%. This means that the average homeowner in the county can expect a $1,997 tax bill each year.
But this is just the average owner, and your tax rate and the annual bill can vary, depending upon the value of your home and the location of your property. The
San Bernardino County Tax Collector website
allows any resident to look up their address or parcel number, which is found on your tax bill, and see what your property tax rate is. 

How San Bernardino County property taxes are determined

The great news is that your property tax bill is calculated in a very straightforward way. It is your local tax rate multiplied by the fair market value of your home. For example, if your home is worth $250,000, and your tax rate is 1.0%, 250,000 x 0.1 would equal an annual tax bill of $2,500.
Your local tax rate is a combination of state and local property taxes. This tax rate can change over time as the needs of the state and your community change. If your local school district needs to build a new high school, then your local government may raise the property taxes for those who live in that school district.
The fair market value of your home is determined by the
local tax assessor
, who will evaluate homes when they are sold or if there is an update done to the home. This value is defined as the reasonable price that your home would sell for on the current market.
So the higher the value of the home, the more property taxes you must pay.

What do San Bernardino County property taxes pay for? 

Property taxes pay for the state and local government to provide services to the community, including:
  • Police and fire departments
  • Schools and teachers
  • Transportation services such as road maintenance
  • Public parks
  • Libraries
  • Special fire and water zones
  • Sewage
  • Trash disposal
If you’re curious about what your specific taxes pay for, refer to the
County Treasurer website

How to pay property taxes in San Bernardino County 

San Bernardino property taxes are due on a semi-annual basis. The first installment is due on November 1, with a final deadline of December 10. The second installment is due on February 1, with a deadline of April 10
There are several methods offered by the county to pay your property taxes:
  • Online: This is the method recommended by the county because you will get immediate confirmation that your bill has been paid. Use
    this link
    to access the payment portal. It is free to pay via e-check, but debit/credit card payments will incur a fee.
  • In-person: The Treasurer’s office is located at 268 West Hospitality Lane in San Bernardino, California.
  • By mail: You can mail your payment to Treasurer-Tax Collector, 268 West Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino, CA 92415, and enclose your tax bill. If you do not have your bill, write your parcel number on the check.
  • Through your mortgage: Speak with your lender to see if they offer the ability to pay your property tax bill as part of your monthly mortgage.

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Property taxes are due on November 1 and February 1.
NoSan Bernardino County has a lower average property tax than the rest of California.
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