What is a throttle position sensor replacement?

For this service, your mechanic will test the throttle position sensor to verify it has failed and replace it with a new one.
Your car needs the right ratio of fuel and air to run correctly, and this ratio is managed by the air intake system. The throttle body controls how much air enters the car’s engine with a throttle plate—the more you push down on the gas pedal, the wider it opens and the more air goes to the engine.
The throttle position sensor tells your car’s computer, or engine control unit, what position the throttle plate is in, and then the computer calculates how much fuel needs to be injected into the air intake system. If the sensor fails, the computer cannot calculate how much air is already in the engine and won’t inject the right amount of fuel.

How to replace a throttle position sensor

Here are the steps a mechanic will usually take to replace a throttle position sensor:
  • Scan the car’s computer system for error codes
  • Pop the hood to inspect throttle plate and the surrounding area
  • Test the throttle position sensor and related wiring
  • Remove faulty throttle position sensor
  • Install new functioning throttle position sensor
  • Clean any carbon buildup from the throttle body
  • Reinstall the throttle body and reset the minimum idle speed to the factory setting
  • Clear any trouble codes from the car’s computer and check for proper operation
  • Drive the car to test for proper gear shifting, speed, and acceleration
When you replace your car’s throttle position sensor, it will need to be checked for software updates.

When do I need to replace my throttle position sensor?

If your car’s engine has poor performance, lack of power, the gears are not shifting, or the check engine light comes on, you may need to have the throttle position sensor inspected.
This is a fairly normal problem, but it needs to be taken care of quickly.
You should take your car to the shop for an inspection when you notice any of the side effects listed above. To run efficiently, your car needs the right ratio of air and fuel. When the throttle position sensor stops working, the engine will not get the right amount of air and will lose power. You may not be able to shift gears, and the car may not even start anymore.