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How to find the cheapest car insurance in Parkville

Car insurance
in Parkville, MD, costs an average of $129 per month for state minimum coverage and about $271 per month for full coverage. While Baltimore City and County have some of the highest rates in the state, finding cheap insurance coverage isn’t impossible—but it will take some smart shopping strategies to do it.
Baltimore County, which includes Baltimore City and surrounding areas like Parkville, is Maryland’s most densely populated area at the heart of record-high auto thefts, which is driving auto insurance rates up. Let’s look closer at the unique risk factors causing insurance rates in Parkville to climb, and give you the best shopping tips and statistical data to help guide your insurance decisions. 
Finding affordable car insurance can be tricky—that’s why we recommend working with an independent broker like
, who has instant access to the cheapest free quotes from insurers nationwide, including top-rated Parkville providers like National General, Safeco, and Travelers.
See the table below for average monthly costs of Parkville insurance compared to state and nationwide rates.
Coverage type
Parkville, MD
United States
State minimum
Full coverage

Best car insurance companies in Parkville

There’s no single best auto insurance company that will offer every Parkville driver the cheapest rate, and when looking for a policy, price shouldn’t be your only deciding factor—carrier ratings in customer service and claims handling are equally as important.
To help Parkville drivers find the right insurance company for their needs, Jerry conducted a nationwide survey of over 18,000 drivers, asking policyholders to rate their insurance company on policy costs, claims handling, customer service, and policy purchase and renewal. 
We combined our survey findings with real quote data from Parkville-area drivers and found several companies that charge less than the citywide average for state minimum coverage with an overall score of 4 stars or higher.
Insurance company
Monthly minimum coverage cost
Monthly full coverage cost
Cost rating
Overall Jerry rating

How'd we get these scores?

Jerry's experts conducted one of the largest car insurance surveys in the United States. We surveyed 15,000 policyholders, in all 50 states, over the span of 18 months. These policyholders hold insurance policies with 87 different insurance companies. We surveyed policyholders to gauge their satisfaction with their insurance carriers in: policy cost, customer service, buying and renewal experience, as well as claim experience. These scores were all reported by real customers of the insurance companies.
While big-name insurers like GEICO and Allstate have the largest market share in Maryland, smaller companies like Nationwide, Safeco, and Travelers were more popular among Maryland drivers and offered better cost and customer service.

Best cheap car insurance quotes in Parkville

Finding the cheapest auto insurance in Parkville comes down to deciding between state minimum and full coverage. 
While minimum coverage offers the cheapest option for Parkville drivers, our insurance agents at Jerry typically recommend purchasing more liability coverage than your state requires and adding collision and comprehensive insurance to your policy for additional financial protection.

Cheap minimum liability insurance quotes in Parkville

Sticking to the state minimum coverage is risky but offers the cheapest option. If you’re looking for an affordable insurance policy in Parkville, here’s what to expect as an average monthly cost.
Coverage type
Monthly coverage cost
Minimum coverage

Do you need more than minimum coverage in Parkville?

Sticking to minimum auto insurance coverage isn’t enough for most drivers—even with UM/UIM and PIP included. 
The reason: Rising healthcare and vehicle repair costs mean that minimum coverage limits can quickly be exhausted if you’re involved in an accident, especially one resulting in serious injuries or a totaled vehicle. While the 30/60 liability limits may provide some protection, $15,000 in property damage is usually insufficient to cover vehicle damage, meaning the remaining costs will come out of your pocket. 
State minimum coverage also doesn’t protect against damage to your vehicle. 
The bottom line: Increasing your liability limits to at least 50/100/50 (100/300/100 is even better) and investing in full coverage is recommended for greater financial and legal protection.

Expert Insight

VP Insurance Operations, 18+ Years Experience in Insurance
A general rule that I recommend is to carry enough coverage to protect your current and future assets – at least $100,000/$300,000 of liability coverage is recommended, but you may need more coverage depending on your financial situation.

Cheap full coverage car insurance quotes in Parkville

Buying a
full coverage car insurance policy
is one of the quickest and easiest ways to protect yourself against costs associated with vehicle repair or replacement if you’re involved in an accident. 
On average, here’s how much drivers in Parkville pay for full coverage.
Coverage type
Monthly coverage cost
Full coverage
A full coverage policy in Maryland includes
collision coverage
  • Collision insurance: Covers the cost of repairs or replacement to your vehicle due to a collision with another car or stationary object. 
  • Comprehensive insurance: Covers the cost of damages to your car resulting from a non-collision-related incident, such as theft, vandalism, glass breakage not resulting from an accident, or hitting an animal or sign with a car. 
If you loan or lease your vehicle, your lender may require you to purchase a full coverage policy that includes collision and comprehensive coverage for the duration of your loan or lease.
Remember: Collision and comprehensive coverage are both subject to a deductible. Choosing the highest deductible you can afford upfront will help reduce monthly payments. 

Average cost of car insurance in Parkville

The average cost of car insurance in Parkville is about 42% higher than the state average and 65% higher than the national average. Although far from one of the most expensive cities in the world, Parkville drivers see high insurance rates due to the residual effects of being in a big city.
Although rates are highly individualized and influenced by several factors, population density and high auto theft rates are two major factors contributing to high insurance rates in Parkville, MD.

Population density

Like any big city, drivers living in the core of the madness will typically pay more for insurance than drivers living in rural areas. Located on the outskirts of Baltimore, Parkville is home to just under 32,000 people, but the roads can be busy. With more than half a million people living in Baltimore, a higher population density means more cars on the road and a heightened risk of accidents. 
Let’s take a look at the crash data in Baltimore County from 2018 to 20222. According to the Maryland Department of Transportation, the average number of fatal crashes in those five years alone was 67. Property damage crashes rounded out to an average of 15,933 every year, and nearly 21,000 total crashes took place on average between 2018 and 2022. 
REMEMBER: Accidents are an especially large payout for insurers, especially those resulting in severe property damage or injuries, equating to higher auto insurance rates for people living in densely populated areas.

Auto thefts

Baltimore drivers have seen car insurance rates soar since mid-2023, partly due to a surge in vehicle thefts. A rep reported that Kia a ort from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)3 showed that nearly half a million vehicles were reported stolen nationwide in the first half of 2023, representing an increase of more than 2% compared to the same time the previous year. In Baltimore, auto thefts have reached new heights—the number of stolen vehicles in 2023 alone has tripled to rates unseen since the mid-’90s.4
While auto theft rates are high nationwide, some cars are more prone to theft than others. It was reported that5 Kia and Hyundai owners likely see higher-than-average insurance rates due to a significantly higher theft risk. Moreover, it was also reported6 that certain insurance companies have denied coverage to new customers in some states for coverage on specific model years and trim levels of Hyundai and Kia vehicles.
THE BOTTOM LINE: While theft isn’t the only rating factor for insurers, it carries a big risk for insurers, so drivers in high-risk areas can expect to pay more to insure their vehicles than drivers in areas where theft rates are lower.

Car insurance quotes in Parkville by rating factors 

Insurance providers use several rating factors to
calculate insurance premiums
. Some of the most common factors affecting rates in Parkville include:
  • Driving record and claims history: Insurance companies charge more if you have accidents or tickets on your driving record.
  • Vehicle make and model: Luxury, high-performance, and sports cars have higher insurance premiums than non-luxury and less expensive ones. 
  • How you use your car: Cars driven for work generally have higher insurance premiums than cars driven for leisure.

How do different factors impact your car insurance costs in Parkville?

Allowed (with applicable limitations): Gender, age, driving experience, credit history, education, occupation, employment status, marital status, zip code, insurance history
Prohibited (or effectively prohibited): Parkville currently does not disallow any common insurance rating factors when calculating insurance premiums.
Learn more about the car insurance rating factors in Parkville:

Cheap car insurance quotes in Parkville after driving violations

Whether major or minor, a driving violation in Parkville can have significant implications for your car insurance rates. 
A driver with violations on their driving record is considered a “high-risk driver” and is subject to higher insurance rates. 

Cheapest car insurance in Parkville after speeding ticket

The penalty for speeding in Parkville depends on how fast you were driving over the posted limit. That said, all cases of speeding come with a fine and driving points on your record:
Violation of the basic speeding law
$90 fine and 1 point
Exceeding a posted speed limit by 1 to 9 miles per hour
$80 fine and 1 point
Exceeding a posted speed limit by 10 to 19 miles per hour
$90 fine and 2 points
Exceeding a posted speed limit by 20 to 29 miles per hour
$160 fine and 2 points
Exceeding a posted speed limit of 65 or 75 miles per hour by 10 to 19 miles per hour
$160 fine and 2 points
Exceeding a posted speed limit of 65 or 75 miles per hour by 20 to 29 miles per hour
$290 fine and 5 points
Exceeding a posted speed limit by 30 to 39 miles per hour
$290 fine and 5 points
Exceeding a posted speed limit by at least 40 miles per hour
$530 fine and 5 points
Here’s the good news: speeding tickets typically only stay on your driving record and affect your auto insurance rates for three to five years. After that, any surcharge is removed from your premium, and your rates should decrease—if you’ve maintained a clean driving record since the violation. 
However, until then, here’s the kind of rate increase you can expect to see after one speeding ticket charge in MD.
Monthly coverage cost
Rate increase (%)

Cheapest car insurance in Parkville after DUI

A serious traffic violation like a
DUI in Maryland
can considerably increase your car insurance premium, as a DUI lumps you into the “high-risk driver” category. If an insurer is willing to insure you, you’ll typically pay a much higher premium than other drivers in Parkville without a DUI. 
In the past, DUIs have been a problem in Maryland. In 20197, the state topped national averages in two categories related to alcohol-impaired driving fatalities. Have a look below.
2019 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities
Percent of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities of total fatalities
Percent of under 21 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities of total under 21 fatalities
Maryland also nearly matched the national average for the number of alcohol-related driving fatalities that occurred with high BAC (.15+) drivers. 
Drunk driving is a serious offense that can have severe consequences and lead to fatalities and resulting consequences, including fines, jail time, and loss of driving privileges. 
If you’ve recently added a DUI to your driving record, the best way to secure an affordable rate with a DUI on your record is to
shop around for car insurance quotes
from various providers.
Take a look at how much your rates can increase after a DUI charge in MD.
Monthly coverage cost
Rate increase (%)

Cheapest car insurance in Parkville after an at-fault accident

Your driving record has a significant impact on how much you pay for car insurance, and if you have any at-fault accidents, you’ll likely see a higher rate. 
Insurers look at any at-fault accidents you’ve had to determine your level of risk—the more at-fault accidents, the more high-risk you are. 
When it’s time to renew your policy, you’ll likely see an increase in your premium. Rest assured, Jerry has helped many drivers in Parkville find ways to save, despite their accident histories.
Driving record
Monthly coverage cost
Rate increase (%)
At-fault accident

Cheapest car insurance in Parkville after other driving violations

DUI and speeding tickets aren’t the only offenses that can lead to a spike in car insurance rates for Parkville drivers. However, it’s not just major violations that cause increases. Failing to stop at a stop sign, driving without insurance, or driving without a license are all violations that can increase premiums.
Check out some examples of how your rates can increase after different violations. 
Monthly coverage cost
Rate increase (%)
Operating vehicle without permission
Failure to obey signal
Unsafe operation of motor vehicle
Driving left of center

Cheap car insurance quotes in Parkville by age

Age and driving experience are two factors that influence car insurance rates. Teen and new drivers pay some of the highest rates due to a lack of driving experience, while senior drivers typically see higher rates due to an increased risk of being involved in a collision. 
USAA, GEICO, and Travelers generally offer affordable rates for teen drivers, but it still pays to shop around to find the best rate for you.

Cheapest car insurance in Parkville for young drivers

Teen drivers aged 16 to 19
tend to have the highest insurance rates of any age bracket in Parkville. Less road experience leads to a higher risk of accidents and, therefore, a higher risk of claims. 
You may notice that your rates are a little cheaper while you have a
Maryland provisional license
—that’s because you can only drive while under supervision during this provisional period. If you’re under 19 with a full license, you’ll notice that your rates are higher.
Still, because of the added risk that comes with being a new driver, we recommend Parkville drivers under 19 purchase a full-coverage policy offering more financial protection.
Here’s how much young motorists in the city can expect to pay.
Monthly minimum coverage cost
Monthly full coverage cost

Cheapest car insurance in Parkville for middle-aged drivers

As drivers gain more experience behind the wheel, their rates lower. Drivers 25-64 see some of the cheapest rates for all age demographics, with rates rising again after motorists turn 65+. 
Monthly minimum coverage cost
Monthly full coverage cost

Cheapest car insurance in Parkville for senior drivers

Although senior drivers may have an abundance of driving experience, car insurance rates are at their highest for drivers once they hit their mid-70s.
Senior drivers are at a higher risk of mortality, hospitalization, and medical expenses from car accidents—and they also have slower reflexes that increase the risk of accidents. Riskier driving factors can lead to higher costs for insurers—and subsequently higher premiums for older drivers.
Monthly minimum coverage cost
Monthly full coverage cost

Cheap car insurance quotes in Parkville based on insurance history

Your insurance history—or how long you’ve had insurance—is also used to determine your auto insurance rate. The longer you’ve been continuously insured, the lower your car insurance premium will be. 
Insurers want to know that you haven’t had a
lapse in insurance coverage
, which can label you as a “high-risk driver” and cause a drastic increase in your insurance premium.
Regardless of your insurance history, Jerry helps Parkville drivers find significant savings on a new insurance policy. Check out how much a lapse can affect your rates.
Insurance history
Monthly coverage cost
Rate increase (%)
With coverage lapses

How to lower car insurance costs in Parkville

1. Shop around and compare quotes

Drivers in Baltimore County pay higher insurance rates than the state and national average due to soaring auto theft rates and the county’s high population density and accident risk—but finding affordable coverage isn’t impossible.
The best way to save on car insurance in Parkville is to
shop around
and compare quotes. Using an independent broker like Jerry, finding savings is easy. In less than a minute, Jerry compares car insurance quotes from trusted Parkville-area insurance providers to find the best rates without sacrificing coverage. Like most brokers, you won’t find broker fees with Jerry—you’ll pay the same amount you would if you went directly to the insurance company.
app screenshot
Jerry also automatically checks if you’re eligible for discounts and shows multiple levels of coverage so you can find the best policy for your insurance needs.
And if you own your home, you can also search for car and home insurance bundles.

 2. Hunt for car insurance discounts

Every insurance provider typically offers a
selection of discounts
, although the specific discounts available may vary. Here are some common discounts to look out for in Parkville:
  • Safe driver discounts. If you have a clean driving record without any accidents or traffic violations in {city}, insurers may offer a policy discount.
  • Telematics discounts. Some insurance companies provide discounts to policyholders who use telematics, which monitor driving behaviors. By practicing safe driving, you may qualify for discounts.
  • Good student discounts. Students who maintain good grades may be eligible for discounts from certain insurance providers. This discount serves as an incentive for academic achievement while also providing savings.
  • Bundling discounts. Insurance companies often provide discounts to customers who bundle policies.
    Bundling home and auto insurance
    , for instance, can help you save on each policy.

3. Increase your deductible for comprehensive and collision coverage

If you have a full coverage insurance policy, it’s important to remember that collision and comprehensive coverage are subject to deductibles. The easiest way to reduce your monthly payments is to choose the highest deductible you can afford to pay in the event of an accident. Generally speaking, the higher your deductible, the lower your monthly payments will be.


How much is car insurance in Parkville?

Parkville drivers pay an average of $129 per month or $1,548 per year for state minimum liability coverage. In contrast, a full coverage auto insurance policy costs around $271 per month or $3,252 per year. 

What is the cheapest car insurance in Parkville?

State minimum coverage, which costs an average of $129 per month in Parkville and includes bodily injury and property damage liability, uninsured motorist coverage, and PIP, is the cheapest coverage option for auto insurance in Maryland.
There is no one insurance provider who offers the cheapest coverage for every motorist because every driver is different. However, Travelers, Nationwide, and Safeco all offer affordable coverage to Parkville drivers.

What is the best car insurance in Parkville?

Finding the best rate on auto insurance is important when shopping for a policy. Still, you’ll also want to consider how providers are rated in other areas, such as customer service and claims handling. According to Jerry’s nationwide insurance survey, Maryland drivers gave National General, Safeco, and Travelers good ratings in several areas.

What is the minimum car insurance in Parkville, Maryland?

State minimum auto insurance in Maryland has 30/60/15 limits—$30,000 in bodily injury liability per person, $60,000 in bodily injury liability per accident, and $15,000 in property damage liability per accident. Drivers must also carry UM/UIM with the same 30/60/15 limits and a minimum of $2,500 in PIP coverage.


The Insurance Research Team analyzes insurance products and services to drive insights and help consumers make informed purchase decisions. We analyzed over 25 million car insurance quotes and conducted the largest insurance shopping survey (over 15,000 customers surveyed and 85 carriers reviewed in the past 18 months). All average quote data is based on rates for single drivers with a clean record and a single car between the ages of 35 and 65. 
We surveyed insurance policyholders for their experience with their insurers in the following areas: (1) insurance cost (2) customer service (3) insurance buying experience (4) insurance renewal experience (5) claim experience. In addition, we asked people what they like about their insurers and what areas in which their insurers could improve. The driver characteristics used in calculating average rates for auto insurance include: single driver, single car, currently insured, clean driving record.  
For the quotes and sold policies included in this article, please note that personal information has been hidden. Not all customers find savings. 
Team: The team consists of licensed insurance agents, insurance industry veterans, and data scientists.

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