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Does a liability car insurance policy from the General cover towing?
I have a liability car insurance policy through the General, but I'm not sure if it will cover me if I break down. Does this policy cover towing?
Eric Schad
Jul 21, 2021
Is there any reason why I can't have two insurance policies on the same car?
Can I be covered on two insurance policies? I have been listed on my mom's State Farm's insurance policy for years. I finally was able to get my own policy with The General but we noticed it is really cheap to keep me and my car listed on her policy, too.
Shannon Martin
Jul 06, 2021
How do I lower my insurance rate with The General after a car accident?
I was in an at-fault car accident about a year ago. I've been recovering smoothly, and I've been driving much more carefully since then, but my insurance rates with The General just went up. Is there any way that I can I lower my rate?
Eric Schad
Oct 12, 2021
How do I cancel The General car insurance?
I want to cancel my car insurance with The General. How do I do this?
Lauren Smith
Nov 02, 2021
How far will the General tow my car if I have their roadside assistance package?
How far will the General tow my car? I'm thinking of adding roadside assistance to my liability insurance from the General.
Eric Schad
Jul 21, 2021
Should I add a driver with a DUI to my policy?
What can happen if I add a driver to my policy that had a recent DUI? My grandma, GamGam, never left the 70's behind and got arrested for a DUI a month ago. Since then, her car insurance company canceled her policy and she can't find an affordable plan. So she wants me to add her and her car to my policy.
Shannon Martin
Oct 21, 2021
Does The General have non-owners car insurance?
I heard that The General offers good prices on car insurance. I don't currently own a car, but either rent or borrow them frequently. Can I get a non-owners policy through The General?
Emily Maracle
Jul 29, 2021
How do I add my son to my car insurance policy with The General?
I have insurance with The General. My son just got his driver's license, and I want to add him to my policy. However, I've heard that adding younger drivers can be expensive, and I've never had to add a new driver to my policy before. How do I go about doing this?
Eric Schad
Nov 23, 2021

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