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How bad is the penalty for driving 100 mph?
I was recently pulled over for speeding and the officer said that I was driving 102 mph. I’m worried that I’m going to have to pay a lot or have my license suspended. What are the consequences of driving over 100 mph?
Sean Boehme
Jan 28, 2022
How do I reinstate my car insurance?
I forgot to pay my car insurance and it lapsed last week. I don't want to drive uninsured. How can I reinstate it?
Emily Maracle
Feb 28, 2022
How do I get my car out of impound?
How do I get my impounded car back? I parked my car and left it there for a few hours. When I returned to where I parked, it was gone. Turns out, the spot was a no parking zone.
Eric Schad
Aug 27, 2021
Is it bad to pay off a car loan early?
I recently got a new, high-paying job and I want to use my bonus to pay off my car loan. I’ve heard people say that you shouldn’t do this, though. Is it bad to pay off a car loan early?
Chloe Jenkins
Nov 01, 2021
Can I pay off the rest of a car loan with a credit card?
I have the money to pay off my car loan, but I was toying with the idea of paying it off with a credit card to get the points. Can I do this?
Eric Schad
Oct 25, 2021
Why is my interest higher after paying down my principal?
I have been making large additional principal payments on my car loans every month. My loan balance has dropped by $3,000 in the last three months, but my interest charge is even higher than it used to be. Why is my interest rate so high even after I’ve paid down the principal?
Joshua Levy
Dec 22, 2021
Why do I have a car insurance renewal fee for my Nissan Titan?
"I see that a renewal fee is being deducted for the start of the next policy term. I didn't make any claims this year. Why do I have a renewal fee for my car insurance?"
Sophie Newman
Jul 21, 2021
Can I be penalized for making an additional payment on my title loan?
I made two payments on a title loan in one month. The payment increased on my monthly bill. They are saying I should have signed a different contract. They are saying the early payment cannot be applied to next month's payment, it didn't lower my bill, and was basically a waste of money.
Emily Maracle
Feb 25, 2022
How do I pay off a car loan early?
I have a 72-month car loan, but I got it with the idea that I have low monthly payments and I can still pay it off early. I’m just not sure where to start. What are some tips to pay off a car loan early?
Eric Schad
Dec 08, 2021
How do I check if my car is impounded?
I parked at a friend's apartment in Hoboken, and this morning, when I came out, my car was missing. I don’t think it’s been stolen; I think it might have gotten towed. How can I check if my car has been impounded?
Chloe Jenkins
Dec 29, 2021
How does Zipcar know when you return the car?
I'm getting ready to take a road trip with my partner and we're looking at the possibility of taking a Zipcar. I'm a little worried we'll be late on returning the car, though. Can Zipcar tell when you’ve ended your trip?
Liz Jenson
Oct 12, 2021

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