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How do I insure a car without a license?
My license was revoked after a DUI. However, I still need my car insured if others drive it. Is there a way to get a car insured without a license?
melanie reiff
Oct 27, 2021
Will my insurance policy let anyone drive?
Can I let anyone drive my car? My brother wants to use my car this weekend since his will be in the shop. I am happy to let him borrow it, but I want to be covered if he gets into an accident.
Shannon Martin
Oct 14, 2021
Is there a way to appeal a denial from a car insurance company?
Can I fight my insurance company over a claim they denied? I was in an accident last week. I’ve had my policy for a car, but I started working for Uber Eats last month. I’ve always paid on time. How can they say I am not covered?
Shannon Martin
Oct 14, 2021
What is normally excluded on a boat insurance policy?
I'm planning on getting boat insurance, but I want to make sure I have the right coverage. What is typically excluded on a policy?
Emily Maracle
Sep 01, 2021
Does home insurance cover asbestos removal?
I'm looking to buy my first home, and I've fallen in love with a beautiful older house. Unfortunately, along with mid-century charm, it also contains asbestos. Will my insurance cover its removal?
Savannah Grabek
Aug 09, 2021
Can I exclude my spouse from my car insurance policy for my Camaro?
Can I exclude my wife from my insurance policy? My wife has a bad driving record and my insurance is already expensive because of the type of car I drive.
Sophie Newman
Jul 20, 2021
Do I have to add my spouse on my auto insurance policy?
"My wife has a terrible driving record. Farmers is saying I have to add her to my policy but the rate will skyrocket if I do. She never drives my car, why would I have to include her?"
Shannon Martin
Jul 28, 2021

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