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Low Floors, High Expectations: Meet Equess
Public transit can be challenging for people with disabilities. One company makes buses and vans to combat this issue.
Alex Reale
Aug 07, 2022
Getting Short-Term Disability After a Car Accident
Short-term disability insurance can cover car accident injuries, but it’s only mandatory in California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.
Jason Tushinski
Nov 17, 2022
How to Get a Texas Handicap Placard (and Who’s Eligible)
As of 2022, drivers must display a disabled license plate or placard with the International Symbol of Access to use a disabled parking space in Texas.
R.E. Fulton
Jan 27, 2023
We Still Can't Get Over Jake Olson's First Time Driving a Car
Jake Olson is a legally blind college football player who drove a car on the NASCAR speedway.
Serena Aburahma
Jun 01, 2022
3 of the Best Vehicle Modifications for Disabled Drivers
Vehicle modifications aren’t just about looks—that’s why we’ve assembled our top three vehicle modifications for disabled drivers, picks that can help make any vehicle more accessible.
Jason Crosby
Apr 27, 2022
The Best Type of Car Insurance for Drivers with Disabilities
Car insurance rates for disabled drivers can vary based on coverage needs. Read this guide on car insurance for disabled drivers to learn how to get the best insurance.
Elaine Sulpy
Apr 27, 2022
Can You Get Car Insurance Without a License?
Most auto insurance companies won’t sell a policy to an unlicensed driver. Here’s why—and how to navigate the difficult situations involved.
R.E. Fulton
Dec 07, 2022

All Questions on Drivers with Disabilities

What happens if you have a seizure while driving?
After years of trouble diagnosing my symptoms, I was recently told I have a seizure disorder. One of my first concerns that came to mind was my ability to drive to and from work. What happens if I have a seizure behind the wheel?
Kaitlin May
Feb 03, 2022
How does hearing loss affect driving?
My partner is starting to lose hearing in his right ear—will this affect his ability to drive? I’m worried that he’s going to have to give up his license.
Brittni Brinn
Mar 15, 2022
Does having a pacemaker affect your driving license?
My mother recently had a heart attack and had a pacemaker put in. While she’s doing fine so far, she wants to keep driving. What effect will a pacemaker have on her ability to get a driving license?
Eric Schad
Mar 17, 2022
How can you get an electric wheelchair into a car?
My kid has just got into a pretty bad accident and will need to be in a wheelchair for a while. Obviously, that’s a bit of a pain, as I’ll still need to ferry them to school and around town. They have an electric wheelchair, which is handy for them, but might be a little difficult to feed into a car. How can you get an electric wheelchair into a car?
Tom Hindle
Mar 11, 2022
What causes blackouts while driving?
I was riding to work with a colleague the other day, and she passed out behind the wheel. I was able to get her conscious again before we got into an accident or anything, but it really scared me. She said it’s never happened before, so what might have caused it?
Sarah Gray
Apr 01, 2022

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