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Is renters insurance required in Virginia?
I’m moving out of my parents’ house and into my first apartment for college in Virginia. I’m trying to figure out my monthly budget and save as much money as I can. Is renters insurance required to rent an apartment in Virginia?
Payton Ternus
Jan 26, 2022
Does GEICO offer discounts to college students?
How can I get student discounts through GEICO? I'm going to have to purchase my own insurance policy (separate from my parents) and I'm looking at going with GEICO.
Sophie Newman
Jul 23, 2021
How can I find cheap car insurance as a student?
I'm in college and need to get car insurance. I was previously on my parents' insurance. I've looked into a few carries and rates seem pretty expensive. How can I find cheap car insurance?
Emily Maracle
Jul 29, 2021
Why is car insurance more expensive for an international student?
I have been getting car insurance quotes from different companies and my rates are really high. All of my other friends who are from the US pay way less. Why are rates higher for international students?
Emily Maracle
Jul 29, 2021
Do college students get discounts through State Farm?
Are there student discounts available for when I start classes in the spring? I'm on my parents' insurance policy and we use State Farm.
Sophie Newman
Jul 23, 2021
How do I afford car insurance in college?
I am a college student. I am already neck-deep in debt, but I absolutely need a car. How do I afford car insurance as a college student?
georgina grant
Nov 05, 2021
What do I do with my child's car insurance if she's going to school in another state?
Will I need to change my policy when my daughter moves away? We live in California and in the fall my daughter will be attending the University of Arizona. She currently drives one of our cars and is on our policy.
Sophie Newman
Jul 23, 2021
How much would my car insurance cost if I’m 19 years old?
I’m a 19-year-old and going into my sophomore year of college. My parents told me I can bring a car to campus with me this year, but I have to get my own insurance for it. I only work a couple of hours a week at school and was wondering how much insurance would be if I choose to bring the car back to school with me.
Jack Walsh
Oct 28, 2021
What is the minimum car insurance required in Arkansas?
How much car insurance does Arkansas require? I'm a college student looking for ways to save money. Help!
Rachel Juillerat
Sep 14, 2021
How do you add a name to your car insurance?
My little sister is coming to live with us while she attends college. I want to add her name to our car insurance in case she ever needs to drive our car. How can I do that?
Lauren Smith
Nov 17, 2021
How can I remove someone from my Progressive car insurance policy?
My oldest child recently graduated from college and has moved to a new city for a job. I’m proud of her for taking this step, but because she won’t be staying at home anymore or having access to my car, I wondered how I could remove her from my Progressive car insurance policy?
Jack Walsh
Oct 22, 2021
How far is Florida from Tennessee?
I’m moving to Tennessee in the fall for college and I want to know if I can drive back for the holidays. How far is it to drive to Florida from Tennessee?
Holden Easterbrook
Feb 21, 2022
How do I get off my parents’ car insurance?
I’m headed off to college and my parents have decided to take me off their car insurance. I know it’s about time for me to be on my own insurance, but none of us are entirely sure how to remove me from their policy. How can I get off of my parents’ car insurance?
Will Baldwin
Nov 29, 2021
Can I keep my insurance as a college student?
My car is registered in Florida but I'm in Alabama for school. Can I keep my registration and insurance in another state?
Sophie Newman
Aug 18, 2021
Can I get a car loan if I'm a student at a community college?
I'm currently a student at a community college and I need a car loan to get to school and work. Will I be accepted?
Eric Schad
Nov 24, 2021
How can you get a car loan with no credit?
I graduated from college a few months ago and just moved to a new city for a job. I planned to use public transportation to commute to work, but I learned having a car makes more sense. I’ve been shopping for vehicles, but how can I get a car loan with no credit?
Jack Walsh
Nov 26, 2021
How much renters insurance do I need?
I’m moving into my very first apartment this fall when I go back to college. The landlord is saying I need renters insurance. How much renters insurance do I need?
Matt Terzi
Feb 16, 2022
Can students get cheap car insurance?
I currently pay $200 a month for insurance. I am a student and live on a budget. Can I find cheaper car insurance? Everywhere seems to be really expensive.
Emily Maracle
Jul 29, 2021
What do international students normally pay for insurance?
I am getting car insurance for the first time in the US. My friend who is American says she pays $100 a month. Can I expect to pay the same? What's the average cost of car insurance for international students?
Emily Maracle
Jul 29, 2021
How can I get cheap student car insurance?
I just started university at Columbia a couple months ago, and I'm thinking about bringing my car up to campus. However, I haven't gotten insurance for my car yet, and I’m on a pretty tight budget—so what is the best way to get cheap car insurance for students?
Carlos Kirby
Nov 12, 2021
What do students normally pay for car insurance?
I just turned 18 and I want to get my own car insurance. I've been on my parents' policy so I'm not sure how much I should expect to spend. What's the average price that students spend on insurance?
Emily Maracle
Jul 29, 2021
Do college students in Texas get a car insurance discount with Allstate?
Does Allstate offer any discounts for college students or good grades? I'm at Texas State and wondering if I can get better car insurance rates as a full-time college student.
Sophie Newman
Jul 23, 2021
Now that my kid is going away for college, should he get his own insurance policy?
How do I set up my son's insurance when he leaves for college? My son will be headed off to college soon, he is going to take some summer classes before the fall semester starts. His campus isn't pedestrian-friendly, so he will need to take a car with him.
Shannon Martin
Jul 12, 2021
Can my child insure our car in a different state?
Will we be able to keep the car on our policy while it is driven in another state? Our youngest daughter will be going to college out of state in Nebraska. We currently live in Virginia and plan on letting her take one of our cars to school.
Shannon Martin
Jul 12, 2021
How will my insurance company know that I am a student?
Do I have to tell my insurance company I am a student or do they automatically know? I just realized I never told my insurance company that I am a college student. I want to make sure the rate of my policy is as low as possible.
Shannon Martin
Jul 12, 2021
Is my university address considered my primary residence by the car insurance company?
If the insurance company needs my primary residence, should I give them my university address or my parents address?
Shannon Martin
Jul 12, 2021
How do I get out-of-state car insurance if I'm a college student?
I'm attending college at the University of Idaho in the fall, and I live in Montana. I'm taking my car with me, but I'm not sure if I need to change my car insurance policy—I'm still living in Montana, so is there any way I can keep my out-of-state car insurance?
Eric Schad
Sep 13, 2021
Does Progressive offer discounts for college students in Colorado?
If I don't take my car with me to school, will I still be eligible for student discounts? I'm about to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Sophie Newman
Jul 23, 2021
Can I use a school loan to buy a car?
I just got through my freshman year at college. Now that I’m a sophomore, I’m allowed to have a car. The only problem is that I don’t have one. However, I have my student loan money for next semester and I’m tempted to use it to buy a car. Should I use a school loan to buy a vehicle?
Eric Schad
Nov 25, 2021
Do college students need renters insurance?
I’m heading off to college in a few months! My future roommate and I have been messaging each other, and she mentioned she was thinking about getting a renters insurance policy, which I’ve never heard of before. Do college students need renters insurance? We’re going to live off-campus if that helps.
Melanie Mergen
Feb 02, 2022

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