How to Wrap a Car for Christmas

Genevieve Fraser
· 4 min read
Many people would probably agree that a
new car
is one of the ultimate Christmas gifts. Maybe your kid just got their driver’s license and you want to surprise them with one of the best small cars for teens.
Figuring out how to wrap a car for Christmas might seem tricky, but with these tips from
, you can get your car looking present-ready (although it probably won’t fit under the tree).
If you’re gifting someone a car for Christmas, wrapping it like a pro is a breeze with this guide.

What you'll need to wrap a car

Stylist Dagmar Murkudis and BMW have created a guide to wrap a vehicle easily with a professional-looking result. The best part is that you only need a few supplies! Plus it is a much more environmentally-friendly solution to traditional wrapping paper (not to mention, a lot less hassle).
The overall look is a black cover decorated with fluorescent neon shapes that glow in the dark when illuminated by black lights. It makes for a real surprise, as the recipient can’t immediately see the shape of the car, which is usually a pretty quick giveaway.
All you need is a black matte textile vehicle cover, a few colors of fluorescent neon sticky tape (ideally with contrasting colors for maximum effect), one or two black light lamps of at least 30 watts, a cutting mat, and a boxcutter.
A ruler is optional, but can help you to cut precise shapes with straight lines.
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Step-by-step instructions for how to wrap a car

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Your first step is to put the cover over the car. Pull it straight down to the wheels and try to minimize wrinkles and creases as much as possible.
Cut shapes in the tape (Murkudis created triangles) using your boxcutter, cutting mat, and ruler (if necessary). You can create big shapes with the tape by overlapping the pieces.
For instance, Murkudis explains how to make a star by cutting five long pieces of tape the same length and setting them so the ends overlap to make points. Then, you can cut out the center crisscrossed portions of the star so you are left with the outline.
Press the shapes firmly onto the cover in the pattern of your choice.
Repeat the steps until you are happy with the design.
Then, set up the black lights around the vehicle, and voilà! Your masterpiece is complete!
When the recipient comes into the dark garage, turn on the black lights and amaze your loved ones with the spectacular gift!
On top of a brand new car, they will now also have a cool, practical, and thoughtfully-designed car cover.

Tips for success and extra decorative touches

There are a few tips that Murkudis suggests to help you achieve the best wrap.
First, take the time to sketch your pattern on the wrap before you start cutting out shapes. That will help you avoid moving the strips of tape once you have started.
Ensure that the fabric of the cover is flat against the bodywork of the car so that the tape adheres fully to the cover.
Keep in mind when planning your design that bigger shapes, including letters and words, show up better on the more canvas-like parts of the car, like the hood and doors.
The look can be very effective if you leave a significant portion of the cover undecorated as well, so you get a lot of contrast.
Murkudis advises using just two tape colors and testing them under the black light before you start, as the shades can show up differently than you might expect.
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