Supercars vs Hypercars–What's the Difference?

Carlos Kirby
· 4 min read
​​As technology and automotive excellence evolve, so do the terms to describe it. Most vehicle categories are obvious to classify. There is less debate about the difference between a truck and a convertible. But
luxury cars
, like supercars and hypercars, can prove tricky to tell the difference.
Supercars and hypercars are expensive, fast, and exotic. The difference between them is their design, extremeness, performance, and rarity. A supercar is thrilling for its rich aesthetic, top-performing
, horsepower, and torque. On the other hand, Hypercars are the best of the best cars, usually produced in small numbers and with a high price value.
And while a hypercar is basically a supercar, not all supercars can be classified as a hypercar. So, what's the difference between supercars and hypercars? How can you tell them apart? Read on.
Supercars and hypercars are set apart by price and performance.

Designed from a line of luxury cars

It can be tempting to classify supercars and hypercars as mere race cars. While race cars have simple requirements, like high speed and control, supercars and hypercars have higher, better performance and balance on track.
A supercar features cutting-edge technology, better aerodynamic engineering that makes its handling better with every release. Supercars are built as an iteration on an older design, so it's easy to trace its pedigree.
Unlike a supercar, a hypercar appears a bit strange to some drivers. Aerodynamics engineering overtakes aesthetics occasionally and leads to unique designs like mirror designs and spoiler capabilities.
For instance, LaFerrari combined a naturally aspirated V12 engine and an HY-KERS hybrid powertrain from Formula 1 technology. This enables it to offer astounding performance and efficiency.
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Hypercars have higher top speeds than supercars. They are designed to perform as highly as possible, as their name suggests. Unlike a hypercar, a supercar is designed to go fast when you sit behind the wheel but doesn't offer much in performance technology. On the other hand, hypercars have built-in performance data recorders that give you insight into your vehicle.
A supercar like the Ferrari 488 GTB attains a top speed of 205 mph and clocks a 0-60 mph time of three seconds. Since supercars take a hit on performance to increase comfort and luxury, they are slower than hypercars. By combining the output of a twin-turbo V8 or V12 engine, electric motors enhance the performance of hypercars more than most supercars.


As you can probably guess, hypercars and supercars aren't something you can acquire at your local dealership. And while they aren't limited to a handful of vehicles, their production is controlled, unlike any other average sedan.
The production numbers of supercars and hypercars are limited, and in most cases, hypercars are rarer. Production numbers of supercars are usually less than 10,000, while hypercars see fewer than 500 units produced.
For instance, approximately 7,900 Ferrari California T supercars were manufactured according to
Continental AutoSports
, while
noted that only 100 Pagani Huayra hypercars were ever made. And although it's hard to acquire a supercar, it's much harder to get a hypercar.

Key Takeaway

Simply put, supercars and hypercars have unparalleled performance compared to average vehicles. They boast of unique design, high performance and achieve top speed within a few seconds.
Hypercars often incorporate advanced technology and innovation to boost performance. Which one do you like more? A supercar or a hypercar? Whichever you choose, you need to insure it against accidents, fires, and any other damage.
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