The Absolute Worst Excuses People Gave When They Were Pulled Over

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
No one likes getting a
traffic ticket
. Traffic tickets are an expensive hassle. However, they exist for a reason.
Traffic tickets are typically given for situations that are unsafe for you or others. They are meant to prevent severe accidents from happening whether that’s from drunk driving or
street racing
Despite this, many people try to talk their way out of traffic tickets. However, some people are not quick thinkers and give ridiculous excuses to the officer who pulled them over. It was a tough call, but these are the excuses we think are the best of the worst.
Remember to always drive safely to avoid awkward situations like these

Pulled over on a holiday

Someone told a police officer that he shouldn't get a DUI ticket because he was Irish and it was St. Patrick's Day.
According to
, more than 700 people died in accidents involving drunk drivers on St. Patrick's Day between 2006 and 2010. Really, the driver was explaining why the cop was working that night, instead of why the driver should be released.
It’s also a bad idea to tell an officer you’re sleeping off your drunken night in the car, because you still technically have physical control of the car if you are in it. If you sleep in your trunk though, no one will be the wiser. We’re kidding, please don’t do that.
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The car as an excuse

One woman who rammed a car in front of her explained that she confused the gas pedal and the brake. People can mistake the gas for the brakes when a strong idle moves them forward or they lose feeling in their feet. However, that alone doesn’t justify the mistake.
Another person told the police officer she was speeding because snow was clogging her windshield. This excuse just made her case worse because if that was the case she should have pulled over and cleaned off her window instead of endangering everyone on the road.
One tourist who was speeding uphill told an officer who pulled her over that she couldn't help it because she wasn't familiar with the automatic transmission. A pretty solid excuse, if your transmission had anything to do with the speedometer or speed signs.
We recommend not making up car excuses if you don’t know anything about cars. Ticket or not.
One man told an officer that he was speeding to burn extra engine oil. That’s not how you lose engine oil, and most cars can handle extra oil anyway.
A surprisingly common excuse is the desire to avoid using the new brakes. It's hard to understand the excuse's popularity when you can slow down by removing your foot from the gas.

Is comparing yourself to others a good enough excuse?

People have used the excuse that everyone else was speeding. Sometimes an officer has to pick who to pull over, and sometimes you’re unlucky. Arguing that you’re unlucky won't help you.
Another driver explained that they were less drunk than their friend, so driving was actually smart. This didn't go over well because a drunk driver is just as dangerous as a very drunk driver.
At least one driver said that she thought she was allowed to speed. She just thought that passing the driver's test was enough of an excuse. It's not.

Mind-boggling excuses

One driver claimed to be allowed to drive drunk because of pregnancy. This didn't work for many reasons, but the biggest reason was probably that he wasn't pregnant.
A panicked driver told the officer who pulled him over that he wasn't the one driving. He was the only one in the car.
People have been trying to go back in time for a while, and someone claimed that was what she was doing when she got pulled over for speeding. However, everyone knows that only DeLoreans can travel through time, and highways aren't a good place for experiments McFly.
One excuse that had a fleeting chance was given by a driver who was pulled over for talking on the phone while driving. He said he was calling the police when he got pulled over, but the call to emergency services was at 10:45. He had been pulled over at 10:35.
One officer pulled over someone who was speeding because she was trying to get home before the five shots she had drunk at the bar took effect. Let's assume they already had.
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