What is a suspension lubrication?

During this service, a mechanic will inspect and properly lubricate the suspension system on your car, as needed.
Lubrication will not solve an issue if components in a vehicle’s suspension are broken or missing, so keep that in mind when you head into the shop.

How do I know if I need my suspension lubricated?

Your owner’s manual should have a suggested mileage that your car can travel before your suspension needs lubricating. Be sure to take note of this number and get your suspension lubricated when the time comes.
Keep an eye out for these symptoms as well, as they can indicate your suspension needs to be lubricated:
  • Loud squeaking when your car goes over bumps
  • Groaning noise when turning
  • Suspension feeling bumpy, not moving smoothly

How to lubricate your suspension

A mechanic will oil the zerk fittings on all steering and suspension components.
Different joints, pivots, and bushings will require specific quantities of oil and unique amounts of attention, so having a professional lubricate your driveshaft is the safe choice.

How important is it to get my suspension lubricated?

This service is critical in a number of ways. The suspension will not deliver a comfortable ride if it is not properly lubricated.
If the car does not travel smoothly over bumps and potholes, the handling may suffer. Excessive friction can also cause expensive parts to wear out quickly.

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